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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Day She Died - Charlie (KM)


  1. Er... HAVE we missed something massive?

  2. Mabye shes been kidnapped to be taken to the prom in america

  3. The last scene before she is captured looks like a cooling facility to me - the kind you would see at a university or other similar large complex.

  4. Clore suicide, i doubt it. Murdered by her former "watcher" is more likely, and Lauren is probably bait.

  5. I doubt Clore is dead at all.
    I think that she faked her death. Why? I think she finally got her Ceremony Girl. Which means she'll look "young again." If she goes from looking 40-ish/50-ish to looking 20 overnight wouldn't people get suspicious. So the artist formerly known as Michelle Clore had to fake her own death because she was in the public's eye as to not stir up interest in all the long-living members of the Hymn of One.
    Wait.... if she got her Ceremony Girl... and Lauren was just kidnapped... uh oh... I don't think Terrence is to blame at all. I think Terrence's signature dog collar is a red herring. I think Clore has Lauren!!! O_O

  6. Lauren is my favorite character! AHHHH.

    I'm freaking out here. Seriously they really let this slip through the cracks.

    Hmmm...Lauren is trait positive, let's just let her walk home by herself and do whatever she likes ignoring the fact taht she will live the rest of her life in danger!


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