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Friday, June 6, 2008

Emma was in chat

04:47 Emma07 hi sory it took me so long
04:48 Emma07 i was trying to get to a public place
04:48 Emma07 that's what they siad i should do on the forum
04:48 Emma07 i'm really scarde, i'm shaking can barely type
04:49 Emma07 i tried calling daniel
04:49 Emma07 but he isn't answerign
4:49 Emma07 it just goes 2 vm
04:49 Emma07 yes kindred
04:49 Emma07 no one else is answernig either
04:50 Emma07 i'm not sure if i shoud upload or ott
04:50 Emma07 not
04:50 Emma07 i'm headed back to LA just like you're saying i should
04:50 Emma07 but where do i go?
04:51 Emma07 i'm at some mall
04:51 Emma07 i thought it would be safe cuz of all the ppl
04:51 Emma07 i don't know where mom & dad are
04:51 Emma07 i wish we'd thought of a secret meet up
04:52 Emma07 i dont feel strong right nwo
04:52 Emma07 where r they???
04:53 Emma07 pls tell me you've heard from the others
04:53 Emma07 i know and now he's not answering
04:53 Emma07 i don't want to look at the video
04:54 Emma07 bubble, it's ... so hard
04:54 Emma07 ok i'll go find a computer
04:54 Emma07 oh no!!
04:54 Emma07 i think i see the watcher!!!!
04:54 Emma07 OMG
04:55 Server Emma07 has quit IRC ("Java user signed off")


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