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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

EQAL to start series in Italy

Lonelygirl15 goes to Italy<---

EQAL, the new startup formed by the creators of lonelygirl15, is following up on its promise to expand the LG15 “universe” to other countries. The company told NewTeeVee today it had signed a deal with M.A.D. Entertainment to create a localized sister series in Italy.

While EQAL isn’t looking to build its own video player, it will be building out its own social network on its own site so members can interact with each other all in one location. With KateModern, said Beckett, “We didn’t see as much of the bonding occurring between the fans as we do on our site… We’ve learned to have the heart of soul of the show on a URL that’s dedicated to the show [because] you want a close-knit group of people.”


  1. what???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//
    We didn't see as much of the bonding occuring between the fans as we do on our site??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    wtf is he smoking??? Give me some! I need to be delusional right now!

  2. /me bonds with kts

    (hey, they had a sale on superglue)

  3. mmmm pizza thanks MM now i'm hungry. I do think the lg community is a closer knit group than the KM was.

  4. Bebo never really built a "water cooler" hub so what do you expect? But hey, the did pull in huge views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dude laughing in the librairy reading this is makeing me look well i gues normal because i am crazy already. Ibnteresting how the language barrier will level.

    The reason KM didnt really gain a comunity is because they didnt exactly encourage use of the already usedn forum and boards

    Also a Social networking system within lg15 network was so 2 years ago when a certain bot told him. Please pass around what ever he was on because serious 2 years to think of that?


  6. fyi.....

    an open letter to Miles
    Wed Jan 10, 2007


  7. am i the only one that literally wants to rip out her hair because of the state of the community now???

  8. Fortunately bots don't have hair:)

  9. Hold up, hold up! No bonding?! There was plenty! The number of km fans I got to know is WAY more than any number of lonelygirl ones that i know.

    Maybe that is because of the local aspect, but most of the people i've got to know i haven't met.

    Ugh...well...if it launches while i'm away at work, i'm not making much of an effort to watch it.

  10. Hmmm... will there be an English subtitle version available?

    I don't speak Italian...

  11. It will be in English. They will just put an "O" on the end of every proper noun...

    "Daniel-o, the Orderio is after us, what should we do?"

    "I don't know Jonas-o. I would suggest running to Rome-o to ask the Pope-o for help, but I'm not sure how to get there. So maybe we better just keep hiding in your Villa-o. What do you think Jennie-o?"

    "I think these locals better keep their hands-o off my you-know-what-o or I'm going to kick some #&*SS-o."

  12. Full article: http://newteevee.com/2008/06/03/lonelygirl15-goes-to-italy/#more-4249

  13. immo, its linked in the post. :)


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