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Monday, June 30, 2008

Eye on Kelly Brett

Kelly Brett is the line producer for the webseries KateModern. This means that she is in charge of everything that is not creative and she is also really good with money! She became involved in KateModern after hearing about it from Pete Gibbons, the series producer, with whom she had worked in 2006 on a "crazy Football World Cup" program.

Kelly has her GCSEs and a BTEC & Diploma in Musical Theatre from Guildford School of Acting. She has worked in TV for six years, with companies such as Hat Trick, Talkback Thames, Baby Cow, Bite Yer Legs, Endemol, and Vera. Her previous credits include "School's Out (Series II)" - BBC1/So TV, "The National Lottery" - BBC1/Endemol, "World Cuppa" - ITV Sport/Bite Yer Legs, "Timewatch: The Unseen Beatles" - BBC2/Vera, "Dispatches: After School Arms Club" - C4/Vera, "Dont Watch That Watch This" - BBC4/Vera, "Slam Poets" - BBC2/Baby Cow, "The Keith Barret Show" - BBC2/Baby Cow, "Fame Academy" (2 Series and Comic Relief Special) - BBC1/Endemol, "Big Brother 3" - C4/Endemol, and "The Kumars at No. 42" - BBC2/Hat Trick.

She enjoys traveling, and hopes to visit the whole world someday, if Miles and Greg give her any time off work in the future! Kelly is inspired by bright blue skies in the morning, drinking cocktails with her girlfriends, shopping, and Amanda Goodfried and "the amazing work she does on LG15." If she weren't working in entertainment, Kelly says that she'd like to be an interior designer.

At age 11, Kelly won a baton twirling competition. She adores her niece and nephew and hopes to have lots of children of her own someday, "if only [her] boyfriend of 6 years would propose!"

During her trip to LA in October 2007, Kelly was able to make a cameo appearance in the video What's Going on? as a reporter.

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For more information on the team that brought us KateModern visit the behind the scenes page on KateModern LGPedia.

From Left: Louis Figgis, John Palmer, Jonathan Almond, Luke Hyams, Kelly Brett, & Claire Finbow.


  1. Great job Kelly and the KateModern team.

  2. You know, maybe that boyfriend is just looking for the right words ... hint: 'Kelly B' rhymes with 'marry me'

  3. Kelly is awesome!

    And boyfriend...just ask her she will say yes ;)


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