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Monday, June 16, 2008

For Whom the Bell Tolls... - ThEmptyCheshire

No more nursery rhymes.
No more obscure history lessons.
Just R.I.P. Jackson.

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  1. In Reality, sometimes the Hunters get Hunted. Whats worse is without even knowing until its to late (-;

  2. It kinda goes like this; you have your conspiracy theorist who are hell bent on exposing what they think to be their ultimate truth and moral obligation. Problem is they get to confident in what their doing: i.e whistle blowers, etc... until one day
    they wake up to the brutal reality that they`ve exposed themselfs to the All Seing All. Big Brother had been watching them all along. Unfortunately, they let themselfs become dis-illusioned in their own petty games, all the while exposing
    themselfs. Eventually with time, they created their own reality based demise. And all by their own doing. Who to blame now?

    Haha, the irony of life!

    Just remember kids, schools out for summer. Hope you SEE a valuable lesson in the above analogy.

    Play with fire and your eventually going to get burnt!

    Truth always hurts in the end. and there are always bigger fish in the sea/foodchain.

    Not if, but when...

  3. -QtheC was a silly little bee.

  4. Themselves not themselfs- engrish, do you know it?

  5. Silly smiler, drugs are for kids!

  6. Um... thank you for all the comments. I think?
    Thank you for enjoying the video anonymouses...?

    PS- This message is OOG.


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