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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Genesis of Prom

"As some of you may know, there are some in the community that think the idea for having an LG15 themed storyline around a prom came from the community not our writers. We wanted to make a quick post to clarify any confusion. Many weeks ago, our writers came up with a storyline surrounding a prom. This occurred before we ever saw any posts in the community about holding a community prom. After we saw some of those posts, we thought it was a wonderful coincidence and reached out to the organizers to discuss holding a joint prom on our website with the goal of making it interactive with our storyline. For a number of reasons, those hosting the prom did not think it was a good idea to do the community prom in conjunction with our show. We understood and still did what we could to show our support – some of the cast and crew even “attended.” We moved forward with our storyline surrounding the prom because we think it’s a very cool idea . . . great minds think alike.

This new interactive medium allows the community to have direct contact with the production team and submit ideas and thoughts to the website. Many of these thoughts heavily influence our storytelling and what happens to the characters. This is a good thing and why this medium is so exciting. Unfortunately, this also sometimes leads to accusations that we “steal” ideas from the community. This just is not true. We have great writers that work tirelessly breaking stories that we hope you all find engaging and exciting. This was just a coincidence, but one likely to repeat itself. We just wanted to clear this up to avoid any confusion or accusations.

We hope you enjoy our totally 80’s prom!

- Amanda"


Visit our LG15 Prom portal page:


  1. "For a number of reasons, those hosting the prom did not think it was a good idea to do the community prom in conjunction with our show. "

    Perhaps I am getting caught up in semantics here, but I take significant exception to this. Let's not misrepresent what really occurred here. The committee was pleased at the idea of officially incorporating the folk at LG15 to be involved with the BreeFM event. Any participation from any corner of the community was welcome - and ALL participants were deemed EQUAL.

    What the committee was not pleased with were the attempts at intimidation - made to each individual "planner" in private and from various people on the LG15 side (I really hope I don't have to post chat logs and emails to substantiate this) - that "this prom will not go on if you don't do things the way we want"... the demand that the only way LG15 would be involved is if the event would be moved and taken completely out of control of the planners (including the DJ's who were responsible for the day's activities) for an out-of-game event... and the insulting insinuation that no one but the people hand-picked by LG15 could make the event a safe, fun event for the community to participate in (do I seriously even need to comment on what I think of that?).

    To the people who did contribute to making the "prom" held several weeks ago a safe and fun event, the committee thanks you sincerely, and we hope you had a great time. And to the people at LG15, while we who were involved in the event appreciate being mentioned with regard to the idea, the insult of the passive aggressiveness of everything you do that isn't fully under your control negates the kudos. I was surprised at the shoutout... I would be lying if I said I was surprised when it once again became all about you.

  2. The "We had plans to do that all along" excuse has been used before and will be used again. It's an airtight excuse. Unfortunately great minds thinking alike happens far too often to attribute to coincidence. That and the proximity of these excuses just doesn't fit. Subservient Lee and MMYB comes to mind. The lg15 version always seems to follow very closely to the original. Giving lg15 the benefit of the doubt and these are just coincidences, if the writers are so great they could shelve their plans and easily move on to something else. If the "heart and soul" is the community, you'd take that hit. The inevitable comparisons/competition isn't worth it. The bad will of even having being thought of as "borrowing" ideas is greater than however great "Prom" could be.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that chases people away. This is why the Suggestions thread on the forum has run dry and why many of the better community videos don't get submitted to the site. Is it worth it for a "very cool idea?"

  3. Of cource they had the idea all along, its not like they arent creative, just look at the great storylines weve had the last year, thats not the storylines of people who steal ! hahaha

  4. If they ever want this show to be good again, they need to steal ideas. LG15's writers are simply awful...imo. This series lacks creativity, originality, plotlines or even likeable characters. The fact that this thing even still exist and that they're even making money from it is a complete embarrassment to anyone who has ever been involved in a web series.
    Case in point...the Prom. The LG creators stole it period. I call BS on the 'we thought of it first' and it would've really been in their best interest to just keep their mouths shut about the whole thing in the first place. I knew nothing about it until they brought it to my opinion and then forced a judgement on me.
    What, did somebody wake up this morning and think, 'Hey, let's piss off the community?'
    Well, I stopped watching the videos a long time ago. I still hung out a bit because of the friends I'd made on the community, but suddenly I feel like the whole thing was put together by a bunch of spoiled preschoolers. ME! ME! ME!
    Whatever...go ahead and bring down the people who made you. I'm out.

  5. you know what....I'm sick and tired of them trying to explain everything minuscule thing that we complain about....
    what about the big things??? Like the plot holes or the closure of Kate Modern or the crap-orama of the series right now. How 'bout explaining THAT. WE haven't gotten a straight answer for ANY of those. Like look at Kate Modern...
    First it was Bebo's fault
    Then it was the sponsors
    Then it was the lack of "bonding" (yea fucking right)
    Com'on people. If it's about the money say its about the fucking money!

  6. As someone who saw both sides of the planning of both proms, I am saddened that anyone was hurt or felt their idea was stolen. I can only say that from my perspective, this honestly and truly was a matter of two groups having the same idea at nearly the same time. I personally advocated the merging of the two events and it pains me deeply that having everyone's interests at heart led to any sort of fracturing of the community. But everyone deserves to get their thoughts out on this, so I'm grateful that it's leading to a dialogue on the manner. I appreciate getting to say my piece, as short as it is. Thanks everyone.

  7. Some people can't handle taking responsibility for their actions. Some people can't acknowledge that they aren't the best at everything.
    Some people never really grow up.
    Too bad. I really liked the series at one time. Of course, I had no idea about the selfish immature minds that created it. I would've never gotten involved.
    I saw the new video is up on YT. I didn't watch it, but it did remind me to unsubcribe.

  8. They could have avoided this entire problem if they just went with the skinny dipping.

    Yes, another bad day at work.

  9. I don't the C's would lie about something that is causing so much controversy around here...it would just get us more riled up. I trust them when they say it really was great minds thinking alike.

    And come on, people...its not like they're ripping your idea off entirely. I've known many online communties who've had proms such as these, and I'm sure the LG15 prom will be much different than the IRC one. Someone is going to die...how different from IRC can you get?

    Maybe we all need to just take a breather and purely enjoy the show for what it is. There doesn't seem to be a lot of that these days.

  10. Regardless of the controversy...I had a BLAST at IRC prom. It was well planned and so much fun. The Dj's and the committee did a wonderful job. It was fun to interact with the community in that way, although I had no date :( hehe!

  11. I think there are 2 separate issues 1) Who thought of it first? I suspect that might not be hard to sort out. The IRC prom people were obviously approached by lg15 who either said "great idea, we want in" or "we are doing a prom too let's combine efforts." If it's the latter I'm sure they would have no problem verifying it.

    2) Why the joint effort failed. Can't speak on that except that it's unfortunate. The IRC prom was something like 12 hours, it's hard to believe everyone's agenda couldn't have been met during that time.

  12. Seriously, I understand there's some "drama" going on, but all I see anymore is how the plots suck, and the writing is horrible, and the creators stole your ideas... Then stop watching if it "sucks" so much.

    They have been creating a show in attempts to entertain viewers for YEARS now. And lately all I see on here is people bitching.
    No one is perfect. You try doing their job, or go get involved with an actual tv show/movie crew and see what their "rules" are like.

    Sorry, just my opinion, and I know I'm not aware of everything that goes on, but you all look unbelievably ungrateful.

  13. Well you all stole the idea from Prom Queen - so there.

    Cripes, you guys were peeing yourself when LG15 people were showing up and supporting your irc thing. What a bunch of ungrateful brats.

  14. ok so ... IRC Prom was in the past ... lets just move on come one people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    get over it seriously

  15. "We understood and still did what we could to show our support – some of the cast and crew even “attended.”"

    I'm not one to make very subtle comments that can be misleading like the one above so I will just be direct.

    Jessica Rose, Maxwell Glick and Becki Kregoski, all FORMER members of the LG15 crew showed up because community members invited them, not anyone from EQAL.

  16. I'm not sure where all this hostility toward the LG15 creators is coming from recently. There has always been a bit of frustration with some aspects of the show (some of that has to do with the basic premise of the story and online approach, and some with the writing), and yes TAAG left Steve by the road to be eaten by a bear, but this disatisfaction seems to be of a different nature.

    I see EQAL marketing their product and their company and putting an upbeat spin on things - seems like normal marketing stuff to me. The recent funding of EQAL, and the deals with CBS and this new Italian spin-off are signs of success. Kate Modern is ending and I know some are unhappy about that, but there seems to be plans for new shows.

    The cast of LG15 has been quite stable and loyal to the show, and the crew and production side has been growing. They have done an amazing job of continuing the series through all kinds of changes with little or no interuptions in video delivery. They've included a few fans in the show here and there in cameos, and small parts, and have added InsideLG15 blog with lots of behind-the-scenes stuff as well as the posting of fan art and videos. Contests, shout-outs, occasional visits to the comments page or IRC have all been done.

    So if the direct relations with some core fans is ailing right now, I guess the question is what can be done about it? And are the unhappy fans communicating/helping from their side?

    Is the dynamic of the IRC culture somehow magnifying the drama? I may be out of the loop, but I don't really get what all the fuss is about. I assume it's more than just about these Prom events, and that those are just a current focal point.

    I suspect there are some divergent perspectives on whatever 'happened' in the communication about the Proms. Honestly, I don't care about that - it doesn't matter to me. If there are hurt feelings, apologize and move on.

    What I would like to see is an effort by core fans to support the show and it's production, while continuing to be vocal about what could make it better when it falls short of hopes/expectations. And if you aren't enjoying it anymore, stay around to enjoy the community, but focus your viewership on other entertainments.

    If you are unhappy, ask yourself - what would it take for you to feel satisfied? Is that going to happen?

  17. "Jessica Rose, Maxwell Glick and Becki Kregoski, all FORMER members of the LG15 crew showed up because community members invited them, not anyone from EQAL."

    To be fair Mike, Amanda and I also attended.

    I, of course, can only speak for myself and I truly enjoyed every minute of it.

    Caravelle did an awesome job of getting former cast members to attend. It really added to the event. Perhaps other community members were involved in getting them there as well, but caravelle was the person who spoke to me directly about it, so if I'm leaving out credit where it is due, I am sorry.

  18. I think the point is Jenni that many people from "The Community" participated in bringing all aspects of PromNight2008 to life. It was a collaborative event by the community for the community. No one was "locked out" and anyone who wanted to had an opportunity to contribute. Also anyone who was there was there because they are tuned into the community. That is how collaboration works. It is about a shared vision and a passion to bring it to life, something that this community has been able to do time and time again.

    I think we did a great thing with PromNight2008 and that is all that needs to be said.

  19. I agree with that killthesmiley.
    This isn't really that much of a major issue that needed explaining, the katemodern decisions needs this sort of explaining.

  20. Why did KateModern get cancelled? I am still curious about the "real" story.

  21. Okay I really think everything I wanted to say has already been said by other people, so I'm not going to repeat everyone else's comments.

    All I'm here to say is, as kts said, it's about the money. Obviously, the creators have to make money, as otherwise the series couldn't exist at all. But now they are becoming so blinded by the money, that I feel like the community doesn't matter anymore. This isn't just about prom, as I've seen it so often now, and to be honest I knew that once big corporations started sitting up and paying attention, this would be the way things went.

    Story wise, I'm not too fussed at the moment. With both KM and LG15, I can wait days and weeks before catching up on the videos, just because I have no interest in the characters or storyline anymore. I don't even know what caused this switch in my head, but I've just got bored.

  22. modelmotion said...
    I think the point is Jenni that many people from "The Community" participated in bringing all aspects of PromNight2008 to life. It was a collaborative event by the community for the community. No one was "locked out" and anyone who wanted to had an opportunity to contribute. Also anyone who was there was there because they are tuned into the community. That is how collaboration works. It is about a shared vision and a passion to bring it to life, something that this community has been able to do time and time again.

    I think we did a great thing with PromNight2008 and that is all that needs to be said.

    I think MM has a great point here.
    I think the outrage here has come from the cs have then come in and said they happily attempted to colaberate with the ircprom comunity. But they seam to of purpously miss out the bit about wanting to take full control of the organiseation doing it their way.

    This sorta hinders the whole no locking out thing doesnt it?

    But yes maybe the Cs did plan to also do it. Maybe glenn even pitched the idea a few years back. You gte credit for that but then to say you worked together in teh shared vision and fredom is kinda insulting.

    Especially when all the people who were involved in the organiseation suggest the again attempted to police the whole affair how they wanted it.


  23. well, if the prom didn't make me feel like i was back in high school, the drama around it has. drama FTW!


    it seems obvious that if the IRC prom and the official prom was going to be combined, the lg15 team would have to take substantial control over it. they have investors and people with money and jobs riding on all this, and probably have contractual obligations that would make it very hard to do a true collaboration. they can't just share responsibility for the "show" even if they want to.

    the irc planners didn't want that (for obvious reasons) so it didn't work out. but, when amanda wrote: "For a number of reasons, those hosting the prom did not think it was a good idea to do the community prom in conjunction with our show," it unfortunately implies that it was a failing or hubris on the part of the irc planners that caused the breakdown. i highly doubt she meant it as a slight. in hindsight, all she needed to say was "For various reasons, it didn't work out", or maybe even explain that because of their contractual obligations, it was too hard to do it jointly without changing the fans' original intent for irc prom. but she couldn't predict the response.

    when it comes to debates like this the C's CANNOT win. we are their audience, and they cannot really criticize us (and any perceived criticism causes a thread like this) because they depend on us. i don't think they are blinded by money, but people have gambled a lot of money to keep lg15 afloat.

  24. I don't buy it milo. 1 event is out of character and 1 event is in character. What could lg15 have needed 4 hours? First 4 hours could have been in character in #lg15chat and the remaining 8 hours could have been out of character in #breefm. Each maintains control of their own event. Speculation is fruitless. It can be logically spun either way, only the parties involved know what really went down.

  25. I think the bottom line has been stated many a time.

    The C's are wrong, even if they were right, the customer is always right, and we are the ones who essential make them money by watching there now-shitty show and being loyal viewers, if I wasnt so loyal id of fire bombed my own PC months ago becasue of LG15's crappyness.

  26. Well I hope the Creators realize at least SOME people appreciate all the work they do.

    Jeez you guys.

  27. People have a right to get angry when they feel like they've been wronged. Obviously people felt like they've been wronged in this instance and, let's be honest, that feeling is substantiated by this "coincidental circumstance." Hell, I'm a little suspicious at the "coincidence" myself.
    There is also a little confusion on my part (and I'm sure many others). It has been stated that this plot was in the works before the community began the wheels of IRC Prom, and that the LG15 team extended a joint production. IF this were true, how would that have worked considering that we were in the middle of a plot arc involving the return of Emma??? If LG15 Productions really wanted a joint production they probably would have shut it down and postponed prom until their "prom story arc" was ready. So now I can see why the prom committee chose not to work with LG15... and I don't blame them! Hell I even agree with the prom committee.
    However this conversation has turned into a "I'm mad about Kate Modern ending" and "I'm mad about the plot not going my way." This has detracted from the current controversy that perhaps an idea (or two) may have been stolen from one or more community members.
    Sadly the only thing that will prevent a unique idea from being "stolen" in this community (and sadly in the real world) is to keep your ideas to yourself. You heard me people. DON'T HAVE AN ORIGINAL THOUGHT! DO NO EXPRESS INDIVIDUALISM! DO NOT SAY ANYTHING THAT SEPERATES YOU FROM THE MASSES! ALWAYS CONFORM TO THE NORM! BE DULL! AND MOST OF ALL, ALWAYS AGREE WITH THE CREATORS AND NEVER QUESTION THEM!
    That is all.

  28. Any claim from either party that their prom is an original idea is false


  29. I didn't realize that the Prom Queen web show was hosted in a chat room for a couple hours in one day.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. What a funny word...'Prom.'

  32. i think anonymous' reference to promqueen was in jest.

  33. A few things must be said that havn't been..
    1) the prom that was held in BreeFm was awesome .. it came together great it was fab. anyone that says otherwis must not have been there ..
    2) the "prom commitee" worked SUPER hard to get things to run as smoothly as it did. there were more reasons than amanda said as for why we did not colaborate with them .
    3) Neither BreeFm or LG15 can " claim " the idea for prom. Prom has been around for quite some time ... end of that number..
    4) I think that we need to stay positive. Anything that can even cause divisons should not even be brought up. there for there was NO need to write up a letter explaining coincidence of prom or its " stolen ideas " that is all so so so so below all of the mature people.
    5) if we are a community we must remain United! because things like this are going to tear us apart . This is the main reason that people can't enter and stick around because stupid little pidly crap happens and they go running thinking " why the hell would i be a part of this ?"

    so in the end..
    THink before you Post kids !

  34. OMG! Like, I invented Prom! You all stole Prom from me. GOSH!


    I appreciate the work that the Creators put into this series. Yes, people, it DOES take work to run a series like this. They don't have to explain themselves to us, yet they're nice enough to do so anyways.

    And the community, AS ALWAYS, flips out at the Creators.

    Goodness gracious! You'd think that we could be at least a little grateful! If I were running LG15, I'd be locked in my room crying because of all these obnoxious comments. Seriously, you guys, this is ridiculous!

  35. milowent said...
    well, if the prom didn't make me feel like i was back in high school, the drama around it has. drama FTW!

    You know, the ink is dry on the CBS deal and LG in Italy. The C's have parlayed this show into a business. They still get over 20,000 YT views on vids with DB thumbnails, for a series that lost its central character. Kate Modern is a great success. This insipid little drama is completely insignificant in the scheme of things. A group of what? less than 50 people here are really deluded as to their importance in relation to the big picture.

    Someone dared to mention loyalty in this thread. That Amanda would even bother to address this small group of ungrateful brats is where the loyalty is folks.

    The sense of entitlement this group's posts are putting across is unbelievable. If the show is so bad don't watch. You aren't paying for it, you are but one out of tens of thousands, and your bitching and whining does not mean a fraction of as much as you think it does.

    Good luck in the real world kiddos. This kind of attitude is going to get you absolutely nowhere.


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