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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting Wet- Jonas (LG15)

Too many questions, too few answers. - Jonas

Music: Artist: Kourkoulis Nikos
Track: Ki Etsi Teliosame
Artist Link: www.eworldrecords.com/nikkour. html

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  1. I was unaware that the most effective tactic is splashing... What is he allergic to water?

    I want some Sayid bamboo under his fingernails action!

  2. Hey, it worked for the Wicked Witch of the West.

  3. If we had only known a bucket of water would have worked we could have avoided all those violations of the Geneva Convention. You are a genius Jonas.


  4. Did he say that Gina is gone? Does that mean that she is not really dead but just gone? Could Ren be right all along?

  5. He did just say she was gone. Not necessarily that she's dead.

  6. I found that interesting as well. Obviously the Creators are keeping the question open...

    I doubt Jonas will kill him. I hope not. I don't think that is who Jonas is.

  7. Looks like the chihuaha found his bark, but still can't find his bite. Jonas is so unintimidating, it's laughable.
    Someone told me to watch this video because he finally "tortures" Carl. Now I'm just laughing.
    In fairness, there is a torture device involving splashes of water that are of... but telling you about it would mean me defending the LG15 plot, of which I refuse to do anymore. :)

  8. I think it was the Gina comment that got to Carl. Remember in the prom video, he was apologizing to her?

  9. How it is that as soon as he's evil, I can't resist him? Seriously, he's looked HOT in the last 2 videos.

    ...I guess I always just go for the bad boy.

  10. hardly waterboarding is it...

  11. Am I the only one who can't get this thing to play past 1:48??

  12. that

    any means? yea right...

    where do you find curuthers??? HELLO YOU FOUND HIM BUT YOU LEFT THE COUNTRY DING BAT

  13. OMG konstantine I totally agree >_<
    Gorgeoussssssss xD

  14. There is now a world wide shortage of buckets. Reportedly the CIA has cornered the entire market supply of buckets. We were not able to reach anyone at the CIA for comment but we are pretty sure we know what they are up to.

    When asked about the buckets at this morning's press conference President Bush said he had absolutely no idea what a bucket was or how they could be used to interrogates terrorists on the secret prison boats he also has no idea about.

    He followed this statement by "Oh crap".


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