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Monday, June 23, 2008


Originally uploaded by lg15
What does it mean?

Re: Gina's Picture
by danielbeast on Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:51 pm

Yikes that is way too creepy. I was thinking the tools had to do with experiments, but I hadn't thought about them being morgue tools. Why would she draw something like that? It's so sad. Why hide those memories from us? Jennie wanted us to be proactive... so here I am being proactive. This is the picture I was told to show everyone. I'm sure the others will show the rest of them if you ask.

So yeah there has been a lot of tension in the house. Cameras, drawings hidden closets... what else don't we know about? I'm getting a little paranoid. Well, I've been paranoid now for two years, but you know what I mean.

What do you guys think?


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  1. I guess it's a game of "Name those surgical instruments."

    The one on the left could be a bone saw (B or S).

    The second one, I'm not sure, maybe some kind of Speculum or Spreader or ???? (S)

    The next one might be a Clamp or a Spreader or perhaps something with a very specific name (so-and-so's clamp). (C or S)

    And the one on the right just looks like a Scalpel or Knife. (S or K)

    So, it decodes to "SSSS"

  2. Each tool represents one of the TAAG (Jonas, Daniel, Sarah and Jennie). Now which is who?

  3. As an infant, Bree tripped and knocked over a nearby tray of surgical instruments - and that is how she got that scar on her back.

  4. And Joe, which character is the anestesia?

  5. The drawing is amaaaaazing!

  6. From left to right...

    Bone Saw
    Rib Shears
    Rib Spreader*

    *Definitely a spreader and not a clamp. Although it looks, like all these instruments, almost archaic.

  7. I think Gina has simply signed her name... the key is to make the noises that someone would make if these instruments were used on them (while awake, of course):

    G*# Damn It!
    I I I'mmmma gunna killl youuuu!!!!
    NO NO NO NO NO NO no no no ...

    Of course, some other interpretations are possible with this method, but GINA seems the most likely.


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