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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn started the show with a "mini mooq marathon". Glenn likes branding things. If you are not in the IRC chat drop on into #BreeFM. There is a great mix of people that Glenn has not seen in the same place for a while.

Glenn said that Skunkwaffle wins the "indie cred" competition every time.

Glenn said that he used to mispronounce La Jolla. There are words that you see written out that just do not connect. He was watching the end credits of Degrassi and the production company was "Epitome" and it was a "light bulb moment" when he realized how it should be pronounced. Glenn tends to look at things phonetically. Painful memories.

If you got out of high school early and could not deal with the community college thing having a good vocabulary is at least a good 25 percent of being able to 'come off" as educated. Mathieas pointed out http://www.verbaladvantage.com but Glenn said for him a lot of it came from TV and movies. Glenn went to a lot of movies with his dad and that exposed him to a lot of words. It gave Glenn an interesting ear for dialogue. When he goes back and watches them today he is amazed by how much he picked up. For example Glenn is notorious for saying "you think" ( Adventure in Babysitting). For some movies he can mouth the dialogue.

Movie recommendation: Brewster's Millions (1985 film) with Richard Prior and John Candy.

One of the key things about being a kid is that you relate to everything because you do not have a sense of the odds. You think about what you would do if you go 'Back To The Future' for example.

Echos was a really cool comic character. She could echo or mimic people. Take a look at Daredevil (Marvel Comics).

" Get on the Bus" was a shitty movie. Spike Lee made a lot of good movies early in his career. He did not have the autonomy to do anything he wanted. He had to accept input and notes and the movies came out great. Once people can do what they want they come up with the like of "Jungle Fever". This happens with bands too. Sometimes compromise does lead to a better product. Ego is the death of artistry. Creatively in Headboard and even in OpAphid and RedEarth88 you have to deal with outside forces. With LG15 all the back and forth under pressure always turned out well. It is better than the path of least resistance. Story meetings went on for a really long time. The passion and intensity of 4 people leads to good things. There was fighting and it was chaotic but just look at how things turned out. Creative tension leads to the best results. When you can do what you want it is like being given rope to hang yourself. You need multiple people who will express concerns.

Teen Angst Adventure Gang ( TAAG): An 3-D animated seriese: Life behind the scene at a popular internet series that is in no way related to Lonelygirl15. As Glenn has talked about before he was knee deep in animation at one point before Lonelygirl15. You just cannot do this stuff on your own because it is very complicated from a technical point of view.

Copyright 2008 Glenn Rubenstein

What would a Luther Campbell sushi restaurant be like? Luther is not the most articulate and can become political. They other guys in 2 Live Crew actually rap. The released a long form video ( Banned in the U.S.A.) which is all about their first amendment case. Today Luther just talks with no one rapping. Once you could have sent Luther 20 bucks and he would have recorded your out going phone message.

UP NEXT.....something that touched an moved Glenn this week: Johnny Depp's best work since jump Street.

Glenn cannot bring himself to watch NPR. He talked about This American Life on on-demand TV. There was a show about people who make a 30 ft rope out of dental floss. That is brilliant. Ira Glass is the genius behind the show. There was another show about a kid with muscular dystrophy. He went on Craigs list and hired assistants. He cannot speak so he has to type stuff. Ivor asked him whose voice he would like to have. The kid picked a couple of people including johnny Depp. They actually got johnny Depp to narrate the segment. It was very moving.
Glenn might make a list of everything that makes him cry during the course of the week for next weeks show. He is very sentimental. Dr. Drew once explained that their is a medical reason why people cry easily.

View the episode: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2008/06/touching-story.html

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