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Friday, June 13, 2008

Hangman's Noose - Daniel (LG15)

Justice for all. - Daniel

Beth Turner (also known as Deep Throat) was one of the guests from the party that Jonas, Daniel, and Alex went to at Rebecca's house. She is a friend of Toby's and works as a reporter.

Nothing was heard from Beth for a long time after the party. Presumably, during this gap, she was working for the Order. However, when she and Alex realized what the Order was planning to do with Bree, they started to betray them. They sent information to TAAG using code names, Alex was TCC and Beth was Deep Throat. As Deep Throat, Beth contacted Daniel via text message with information regarding the Ceremony. On the day of the Ceremony, her clues helped TAAG track down Bree at the medical facility in which she was held.

Beth Turner on LGPedia.

Hangman's Noose - Daniel (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. I like this video because it's plausible that Beth was only allowed to cover this because it serves as a warning to those in the Order who may be sloppy. That's why they would acknowledge evergreen's video and allow it to be covered versus Salina's videos or even any of the other videos which they would suppress in the media. (Except for Ash Pitasooze, he cannot be silenced.)

  2. Very deserving and carl should be handed in after going a beating from TAAG.

  3. LoL Lucy in a cop uniform (I think). Love it.

  4. And i thought my local news was low-budget...

  5. Yeah, hope - apparently, The Order gets a discount at the costume shop. Very nice touch.

  6. Yep, police officers do not wear high heeled shoes, even in L.A.

  7. youwish you're so right. The local news bit was just as low budget and crappy as Salinas's campaign ad. You'd think that with the money lg15 must be pulling in with their product placement and EQAL dealings they'd have enough cash to make something professional looking. It looked like it was done in Windows Movie Maker. Sad sad sad. But at least now in the Breeniverse it seems like the Order is getting public acknowledgement. That should b good no?

  8. You know, this video could send the wrong message.. that the news cast was fake? I mean fake in the sense of fake in the briniverse.

    Shitty news reel, and a cop in high heels?

    It would lead me to believe Salinas is not dead, they just want TAAG to think he's dead... but nabbing Carl is a plus.

    But, how did they nab him?

    I dunno, more plot holes I guess.

    seriously it's bothering me that the cop is wearing heals.. or that it's Lucy.. so, are we supposed to believe this is the real scoop or a fake out in order to trick our heroes?

  9. This video is retarded, plain and simple.

    Time and time again, the Creators show they have no sense of how to maintain suspension of disbelief.

    Daniel is not a rough character. He isn't now, nor will he ever be. Stop trying to write him like he's Jack Bauer. He's just a kid. A tough kid, but he's a kid.

    It just goes to show you - as far as production goes, money doesn't solve your deficiencies, they just make them much more obvious.


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