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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Her Indoors - Lauren (KM)

Julia's in a bad situation and we need to get her out.


  1. Wow. I knew there was something extra fishy about Jules and Rupert's relationship.

    That guy needs to go down.

  2. Im guessing that cars an automatic since charlie never ever changes gear.....

    I like the way he said, "You NEED Nuthin !"

  3. 5 ribozyme for the camera work

    well done

  4. DIGG it @ http://digg.com/television/Shooting_POV_for_online_video

  5. Well Steve was right, again.
    Rupert is a con and high-ranking order member, i'm guessing the shadow is now his shadow.
    You're right Jean, that guy needs to go down and i think the shadow is the key!

  6. This video was well made - good acting, lighting, camera work... the writing made sense and moved the story forward. The sound was good (maybe a bit soft in a couple of places but audible).

    Maybe having a definite ending point set is a healthy thing for serials?

  7. It was definetly healthy for Lost. It makes sense, it's hard to tell a story when you don't know how long you to tell it. Can you imagine if an author had to just keep writing until people got bored with their story?

    The Shadow seems to have a heart, that was a nice surprise.

  8. :(
    I was hoping Rupert wasn't this type of guy. Even though he's a bad guy I was hoping he was the nice bad guy, like the Mayor from Buffy.
    Either way...

    I'm never the guy that usually notices this, and I'm not asking to be snide but to genuinely ask a question- is Tara Rushton preggers???


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