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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Last Work: 7PM (KM)

Julia Van Helden said...

A message for Rupert.

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  1. he a london gangsta blood

  2. Is it just me or does KM have different feeling to it? Suddenly with these 12 videos it feels like really bad LG15. I wonder who wrote these final videos.

  3. They still have 5 left. Maybe they can redeem themselves.

    So far, its not what I expected either.

  4. The first video was amazing... and then... I dunno, It's great, but not awesome.

  5. One thing that is a bit different is, so far, all brightly lit daytime shooting ... early on, KM had a very dark atmosphere that is missing in this 12in12 so far, even with the violence.

    But I'm enjoying all the character performances, especially the supporting cast... Joseph was very funny (while still acting nuts), and Toe was hilarious in the live chat. I thought Julia's dad was good too, and Sophie is always engaging.

    Terrence is just getting warmed up - you know something awful must be in store either for him or by him.

  6. A really bad LG15, gtfo.

    12in12 is still quality Katemodern.


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