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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Legend of Lyriclyinclined --SonofaStich

In the midst of our mourning, a very special person had a birthday. I feel it fitting that we take just a moment to celebrate the life of someone still with us, especially someone who has done so much for our community. I hope it brings a smile in the middle of all our sadness. --Jenni

Hosted by Sir Oswald Dearsworth.


A day late, but it's the thought that counts...right? =)


  1. Ugh...why isn't KIRA the screenshot for this video? Blargh.

  2. What are we sad about?

  3. Would you like a piece of Play-Along Pie with your Sarcasm Sandwich?

    Probably not.


  4. What?

    Even though I've said it more than a few times already, happy birthday Kira.

    I'll just go get back in my box now, I guess.

  5. Oh I'm really sorry, maybe I should have put big IG flashers on my post.

    I was referring to the death of Gina as what we were all sad about.

    I can never tell anymore whether someone is honestly confused or just being a smartass.

    Is that sad?

  6. Happy Birthday Kira! A day later but I hope you've had a good one, despite the death that occured on your birthday.

  7. IG: Happy Birthday Kira!!!

    OOG: Happy Birthday Kira!!!

  8. I have been a Kira fan starting when she was just Nikki Bower's sidekick (at least, that's how I thought of her from that video outside Chile's).

    I'm still hoping for the KiraJerra series as a counterpoint to MaxterBexter.


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