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Monday, June 2, 2008

Like Totally Be There!

"Grab your rubik’s cube, put on your acid wash jeans, and get ready to do the running man! Join us for an all day event on Friday, June 6, as we experience a prom like you’ve never seen before.

There will be multiple videos, character interaction, and for one, this will be their last dance."

Source: insideLG15


  1. So is Salinas or Salinas' daughter going to be at the prom? There has to be some reason they are going to infiltrate a prom. What is it?

  2. ok. hope can vent now.

    how are we getting from the cabin to 1985 again? wormhole?

  3. uuhhh....copy much ... again.

    Didn't we just do this like a couple of weekends ago in the IRC chat??? hmmmm

  4. Funny, I don't remember anyone bringing their Rubik's cubes or wearing acid wash jeans at the IRC prom. I mean, acid was there but...

    ...Wait a minute!? Does this mean they're making acid cannon!!!???

    Like totally OMG!


  5. you know, the show has paid homage to its fans by responding to their ideas from the very beginning. i'm not sure how they are supposed to credit fans, but its obviously partially in tribute to the IRC prom.

  6. http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/milowent/lgprom4.jpg

  7. I'm not sure what this event is all about, but I think it's good that they are working to put a fun element into the lonelygirl15 story - and remember, there is a larger audience out there beyond the group that is aware of IRC Prom. This may be a way to take a little of that idea, tweak it with the 80's theme, and share it with a bigger audience... maybe enen attract some new viewers...

  8. Last dance? Well 'Emma' is on her way to make a movie, but she just returned, so hmmmm, Carl or Sarah perhaps ?

  9. milowent said...
    ok. hope can vent now.

    how are we getting from the cabin to 1985 again? wormhole?

    LOL!!! My venting is over for now... <.< >.>

    Cabin in the woods... 1980's... I would have assumed a horror movie ala Evil Dead or Friday the 13th before I would have assumed a prom homage. Although.... the Necronomicon in the Evil Dead movies was capable of time travel... and it was found in an abandoned cabin in the woods.... AHHHHHHHHHH... it's all coming together!

  10. ...but, I don't WANT any of them to leave.
    Okay, fine, but if you kill off Sarah, Daniel, or Jonas, I'll cry.

  11. Carl is wearing different type of sunglasses. This does not mean something.


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