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Saturday, June 28, 2008


LIVE CHAT: 12AM on LGPedia.

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  1. was a good chat from what i managed to hear, the video didnt work atall for me becasue of the high traffic in the room and the audio was lagged. Hope somone got a good recording.

  2. The audio was pretty good for me for most of it, but I did have to close and restart my browser once in the middle when it froze up.

    I didn't record anything today, but near the end, the producer, Kelly, came on and gave several shout-outs to fans, including Zoey (and the LGPedia) and Modelmotion.

    There were also some Q&A's fielded by Luke Hyams (KM writer), so a transcript of those would be good for posterity. Kate is definitely dead, D.E.A.D. dead. Julia was knocked out by Rupert with a coconut and impregnated with the Rupert/Clore trait positive egg.

    Jeremy (one of Steve's Network followers) was also KM director.

    Tara (Charlie) confirmed she is Australian and ardently claimed she does not have a baby. ;)

    The actors playing Steve and Terrence were not in the room.

    Oh, and a major revelation was that Sam Donovan played both Lee and Toe - there is no twin brother Andy Donovan. Sam demonstrated by having a conversation with himself between Lee and Toe.

    The cast members there each said a quick goodbye one by one at the very end.

    When asked if there will be any continuation of the show or series, they said nothing definite, but something about "if the right people are asked, maybe." (approximately, get the actual quotation to be more accurate).

  3. Aw... they didn't release this as a video???

    Them dancing made me giggle. Cheeky Brits.

  4. Perhaps we should request they release the last chat video, if they recorded it.

  5. I would think they could release the last chat as a bts video. I don't know if it was recorded but let's hope so. It was a lot of fun.

  6. I should add that when Meryl came on to say her "goodbye" she said "hello" instead... take that as you will.


  7. Awww... I missed it. Is there anywhere can watch it still?

  8. I missed it too because that f*cking nowlive sn't working for me at all! I really hope they will release this as a video, would be a good ending of the show. Why post all the other chats and not this final one?


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