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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lord Carruthers EXPOSED! - Milowent

Everyone is wondering about Lord Carruthers! - I have exposed his secret identity!


Music sung to the tune of Greatest American Hero (Believe it or Not):

Who could Lord Carruthers be?
Can't be Bree's Mom cuz she's dead
and though Jenni is such a plantcake,
the truth is something we'll all dread

Believe it or not,
She's really alive.
Her scar and her blood caused the old one to die
Here's one plot twist that will make us all cry.
How could it be?
Believe it or not its just Bree.

You thought Salinas and Clore were bad
You thought that rogue elder was mean
You believed PharmaGuy was pure evil,
But the worse of them you've yet to see.

Your jaws will all drop
Cuz lonelygirl's back
Now she's the baddest ass in the whole darn town
TAAG had better be saying a prayer
How could it be?
Even Tachyon's scared cuz it's Bree

Believe it or not,
It must be end
Here's come Cassie she sitting at Bree's side
They're gonna kill TAAG when they end Season Three
How could this be?
Believe it or not its just Bree.

Don't ask what happened to that girl Bree
she's gonna make plotholes history
The creators' check -- already in the mail
awaiting bree's next boobs thumbnail.

thanks to lgpedia for some of the screenshots!


  1. Wow!!!! I can't believe it!!! great job!

  2. Could the Lord be a Sammeeee?



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