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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Louisville to Lexington - RevenantRed

Time to run.


The songs by The Kodiaks, check 'em out at ...



  1. I think it is the bear that ate Steve. Oh wait, Steve does not exist.

  2. On tiny step toward salvation: 6454dc

  3. I don't know what this video is/what this series is. But that's a Kentucky reference so I had to commen because that's my home.

    I'm not going to watch it at work since I don't know what to expect. Anyone know why they used the Kentucky title?

  4. They used a Kentucky title because the person creating the video and the character are both from Louisville :)


    Jim Beam Rocks!

  5. p.s.s.

    It's totally a work safe vid. Just the pic of Mr Drunk Kodiak and a really good song.

  6. Maybe tomorrow, today has been so dull but it's almost over. Louisville is quite a bit a way from me (and doesn't always consider itself part of Kentucky). It's a nice city, though I prefer Lexington.

  7. Hehe, long days at work are the best, arent they? lol

    I've lived in Louisville most of my life, I absolutely love it :) Lexington totally rocks too though, i've been there quite a few times.


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