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Monday, June 30, 2008

Love KateModern?

Love KateModern?
Now that KateModern has come to an end we’re going to give away a very special prize. Over the last year we’ve been collecting interesting items related to the show - a Hymn of One flier (signed by Jamie Bell!), a copy of The London Paper with Charlie, Patricia Nielson and Edward Salinas on the front page, an order of service from Julia’s Eternal Bond ceremony, some Bebo goodies (cap, t-shirt, stickers, wristbands), Creme Eggs, Skittles, a DVD featuring a selection of KateModern episodes AND a signed ‘Last Work’ 12 in 12 script!

It’s an amazing prize, but what do you have to do to win it? We want you to create something that shows us how much you love KateModern. It can be a video, an image or text. Anything at all! Upload it somewhere and send the link to [email protected] by the end of this Thursday 3rd July 2008. The competition is open to anyone of any age and from anywhere in the world.

Other news: in response to fan requests in one of the ‘Last Work’ live chats, KellyB put a gnome up for auction on eBay. Check it out!


Source: insideLG15

1 comment:

  1. I was watching a show about voting on PBS tonight, and one of the names on the ballot was

    Anthony "Toe" Powell

    hmmmmmmm, scary.


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