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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Morning After - Julia (KM)

Julia Van Helden said...

I can't believe what?s happening now... and it's all my fault. Charlie I am so so sorry.


  1. Not fair!! Charlie doesn't deserve to be taken to jail, what is this?! Rupert, you jerkface.

    Where's the body guard?

  2. Yeah its the badgeless police...I also dont belive police are allowed to drive cars of criminals or civillians they have to tow it i thinks ?

  3. Toe is the mole because he went out alone for booze at 1am and had a chance to plant something in Charlie's car.

    Lauren is the mole because she went out alone for baguettes in the morning and had a chance to plant something in Charlie's car.

    Julia is the mole because she forced them to stop where Charlie was arrested.

    Steve is still the mole because he just acts a bit too mole-ish all the time.

    So now it's 4 moles to 1 Charlie, who is in jail. The moles win!

  4. I think they purposely took Charlie out of the equation confiming she's not a mole.

    Now all we're left with is characters we doubt.

    I don't think it's Lauren or Toe. Lauren has been too effected by the order to join. Of course, if the whole Michelle Clore death was faked that changes everything.

    Toe--too random. A proper traitor should be a well-established character.

    Steve-He has been acting very strange and suspicious. Though it's hard to ignore his little affectionate gesures with Charlie. It'll be hard after watching the evolution of his character to believe that everything has been fake. But even I'm suspicious of him now, and I love Steve. Of course he could be a red herring.

    Julia--I've always wondered what's up with this character. All I really know is she is a high tempered girl who dated Tariq after Kate started acting crazy. Unless Im' forgtetting something, it seems that she has been the least hurt and effected by the order. Now she's married to the order. Suspicious. She lured them to Paris as well, and called for the bathroom break.

  5. They outnumbered the "police" why the hell didnt they knock em out and make a dash for the border.

  6. ack! This has me worried!!!
    I really think Steve is the mole I really do.

    But what if its someone that we aren't even expecting .... are we sure the mole is even in paris???

    Maybe the Mole is an Electronic mole!

  7. There's another video and Steve seems very concerned for Charlie again....what the dickens.

  8. Is the mole cancerous or benign?


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