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Friday, June 13, 2008

Much, Much Worse - Lee (KM)

Finally we heard word from Lauren...


  1. Can you imagine the reaction here if OpAphid had materialized in that tunnel?

    Toe is too funny.

  2. 1. The Toe-Lee scenes are wow. I thought they were doing a simple split screen cheap effect and then Charlie walked between the two... and... well that's just some great editing.

    2. Lauren's plan was gold. Sadly she had two dweebs backing it up. This is what TAAG needs to do, set up the Order and just mow them down.

    3. I have a very bad feeling that Charlie may not make it out of this story alive... and that makes me hurt inside.

  3. Toe is played by Sam Donovan's twin brother, Andy Donovan. No editing tricks required :)

  4. The Toe-Lee stuff CRACKS ME UP. Especially how in the middle of a very serious video Toe is checking Lauren out.

    I hope Lauren survives this story. They need a plan. I agree that Lauren's original plan was good, but the FTO screwed everything up with the followthrough. Bah humbug on them.

    Creepy tunnel...seems like a place Terrence would lurk.

  5. I immediatly though of Op-Aphid when i seen the thumbnail for this video.


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