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Monday, June 9, 2008

Musterion - Moondoggle (Tc : WoW)

Silent-Invisible wisp of light
On August skies they ride
Come greet from out the night
Where my Jealous Father hides
He hides from searching eyes
From the glistening sea-
His darkness and obscurity
A drop of what shall be

Ameth in broken shards
Dryads and satyrs lift the bards
On milky twilight come cross the sea
To me

Come forth o' Les Invisibles
Through tangled groves and oaken halls
Through living trees where spirits rest
Through 7 souls in bridal dress
Come fire aflame through sparks of light
Through watery depths and windy nights
Through saints and sinners
Fools and kings
They are the same

Music by Daniel Joulin and Impulse

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