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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nessy Puzzle Solved!


In the video No Friend Like A Sister we see a flash that has the lyrics to the Rod Stewart song "Forever Young" and the date 10-12. In the description Cassie tells us that there is a secret in the video that will lead to a special place of hers.

PJ Said ...

Okay so after some deductive reasoning we figured out that when Cassie meant her place she meant her own space IE: Myspace.


On Cassies Myspace there is a blog to her sister, Nessy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

All Apologies

Dearest Sister,

This is what it takes to keep me alive. I am sorry I have let you down. I can no longer put you in danger, though. So I will not be returning home again. The Hymn of One has created a base here in NY, where I will reside from now on. Do not seek me out. Move on and forget me.

I am sorry also for taking the lives of three girls. The first one, I did not know what I was doing. I still believed in eternal purity then. When I discovered the truth about the Order and the Hymn of One, I remained in denial for some time. I stopped going to Bree's house after coming across Mr. Avery's research. I did not want to know the truth. But as I fell sick, I realized there was no denying it. I had killed a girl, and by taking her trait positive blood I had become reliant on the extra ribozymes, as Dr. Windham explained to me.

I did what I felt I should and went to our parents. They believed me, and went to the Deacons. Upon hearing of their death, I knew immediately that it was no accident, and that we were next. That is when I took you and fled. For many months, I tried to fight my growing illness. I found Dr. Windham, and he gave me hope that there was a cure. But we failed, and I got him killed as well.

I am a death trap.

Please do not fall victim to me.

I feel you have a right to know that we found Johnny and Phoebe. They were trying to get into Canada when they were captured. Phoebe has already finished the Ceremony. That is two of Johnny's sisters whom I have personally murdered. The first, maybe, I was naïve and innocent. But this was willing.

Johnny no longer remembers you, I'm afraid. I am not sure what they have planned for him. Please don't try to save him. He will not want your help. He is happily ignorant of the truth.

Try to remember me as I was before I became a murderer. As your sister. Who protected you against bullies at home… who handed down all her favorite clothes to you… who helped you prepare for your first date… who comforted you after your first heartbreak… I love you, Nessy. Be safe. Farewell.


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