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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nessy Was Live In Chat!

Nessy left the following post on the LG forums ..

Hey everyone,

I'm going to try coming into chat around 6 EST (3 PST). Let's see if we can figure this out. I'm getting frustrated because I definitely don't get it.

Talk to you all soon!

Nessy <3

Here are some of the highlights from the chat ...

virginian9000: "And When You Finally Fly Away I'll Be Happy 10-12"
MessyNessy89: and that flashes so fast it must be intended to be found
virginian9000: ok, but I don't know what to focus on. That 10-12 is a familiar date
MessyNessy89: its Crowley's birthday
MessyNessy89: in the Hymn we have to learn a lot about Crowley

MessyNessy89: someone said it sounds like a song, did you try searching it with the word lyrics?
MessyNessy89: i just searched "lyrics: 'when you finally fly away'" and it came up with rod stewart links
MessyNessy89: its from the song "foreveryoung"
MessyNessy89: could "a special place of mine" be a hint to where to look?

SonofaStitch_PJ: her place?
SonofaStitch_PJ: her space.
MessyNessy89: she says we are looking for "a special place of mine"
SonofaStitch_PJ: Myspace
greggers: PJ
greggers: u brilliant bastard
SonofaStitch_PJ: *sparkles*
greggers: http://www.myspace.com/foreveryoung1012

MessyNessy89: Myspace? i don't even have one
MessyNessy89: yeah i'm gonna make one now
greggers: warning : you will be flooded with friend requests nessy, sometimes by scantly clad girls.
greggers: these are called spam
DJJenniPowell: I thought those girls really liked me
virginian9000: you mean those were spam?
ApotheosisAZ: those were all my accounts

MessyNessy89: www.myspace.com/messynessy89

MessyNessy89: guys she has a blog

virginian9000: Nessy, I'll let you read. We are here to talk after you are done reading
virginian9000: :(
MessyNessy89: ah i'm crying
virginian9000: I'm sorry Nessy

MessyNessy89: i think i'm gonna go figure out what i should or shouldn't do
MessyNessy89: i don't understand what they did with johnny
DJJenniPowell: well, remember they reprogrammed Jonas's parents?
MessyNessy89: i understand why
MessyNessy89: yeah
DJJenniPowell: maybe they did something similar with Johnny
MessyNessy89: why did they have to do that?!
DJJenniPowell: because he witnessed two of his sisters murdered
DJJenniPowell: they can't let him keep that information
DJJenniPowell: but why not just kill him?
MessyNessy89: there has to be a way to reverse it
MessyNessy89: but she said to leave him alone and he's happy
DJJenniPowell: well, if we could find him, perhaps we can observe him from a distance
virginian9000: I bet he would still remember you

MessyNessy89: she accepted me, so i'll try to message her to see if she'll give me any more answers
MessyNessy89: maybe if we all get her to talk to us we can piece together things from her messages

MessyNessy89: i love you all <3
MessyNessy89: i'm gonna go play with Myspace and avoid thinking.

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  1. The quality of the MessyNessy chats far exceeds anything else being done in the genre right now. It is very reminiscent of the excellent Maddison Atkins chats. The real challenge will be taking the intimacy of this formula and scaling it to chats with 200-10,000 participants.

  2. I agree mm that the MessyNessy chats are fantastic! The best in character interaction!


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