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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Origin of 12 in 12

The fan-generated idea that eventually led to the 12 in 12 concept, as discussed here on the forum. The Lonelygirl15 Season One Finale in August 2007 included 12 videos in roughly 12 hours, billed as "12 in 12."


For 12 in 12 and other terms used in the Breeniverse Community see the Lonelygirl15/KateModern LGPedia.

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  1. No one has yet climbed the Everest that is...

    ::::: 24 videos in 24 hours™ :::::

    but I think experience shows that 8 or 12 videos done well for a single day showing is probably better (saner).

  2. Mason's supposed to be doing 24 in 24 soon.

  3. I thought the idea for 12 in 12 came from the four fingered 3 armed aliens.


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