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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Partner Swap - Emma (LG15)

It takes courage to fight The Order... and ask a girl on a date! - Emma


  1. talk about subtle

  2. PROM IS TONIGHT?!?!?!?!?
    OH SHIT!
    Then what's going on tomorrow???
    Methinks someone over in the LG15 team messed up and released this video a couple hours early.
    Either that or they're in Europe... which I doubt.

  3. Daniel's hysterical enough in this video to make me consider making him my favorite character again, except I can't cuz Gina's still cuter.

  4. Since Jonas wanted to take his sister to the prom, that means they must be hiding somewhere in the south.

  5. lol joe!

    I'm not liking this new Emma. She grew up too fast and is missing that innocence. Lack of continuity is bothering me.

  6. Cute video.

    Still, it's a bit troubling to me how little impact seeing Ms. Avery get shot in the head a few days ago appears to have had on any of the TAAG...

  7. I disagree. I like grown up Emma.

    Change in character is no indication of continuity.

    People can change overnight. Look at teenagers going from Grade (Primary) School to High School. I think Emma was on her own for those couple of months that she was forced to grow up fast.

  8. I disagree. She's gone from 14 to 26. The jump is a little too big. She seems so old. Maybe she'll young down for the prom, but from the pictures she looks even older in them to me. They all look older, which I guess is what you get when you do an 80's prom and do your hair like your mom.

  9. why is everyone acting so out of character in this video? It's really awkward...

  10. I feel the opposite - everyone's been so out of character lately, this felt natural to me

  11. I've been in situations like Emma's.
    Not cult chaced but I have been stalked and shot at.
    I'm sixteen, I act a lot like she does.
    She grew up, she had to.

  12. I dind't like this video..but I liked the subtle crack in Daniel's voice!

    See you on BreeFM tonight


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