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Friday, June 6, 2008

Prom: It's To Die For - Part 3 - Jennie (LG15)

Help us meet up with each other! - Jennie


Artist: The Kokoon
Track: How Do I Work This

Artist: The Kokoon
Track: Face

Artist: Brad Sucks
Track: Never Get Out

Artist: The Kokoon
Track: Delicate


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  3. Gina's hand. She's gone.

  4. My theory

    I think Bree (she’s alive and an elder now) showed up to kidnap Emma and Gina to drain their blood. But something went wrong and in all the confusion Bree was accidentally shot by Lucy.

  5. It's Gina.
    Everyone else is accounted for.
    Well, that sucks.

    Good event though. I like the multiple POV idea a lot.

  6. These are the best LG15 videos for a long while. I never get on the Internet at home because it's really crappy...but here I am. I'm so glad Jennie is safe for now. I know Jennie has a lot of haters but I love her and relate to her more than any of the other characters (I hope that doesn't mean I would have haters in LG15 Universe).

    I don't know if it's Gina or if they are just trying to make us THINK that its Gina....it seems like if Gina were dead someone would have said in a video by now.

  7. sidenote: I just kind laughed because I always sign my name Cassi and people probably think that's an LG15 thing. But no, my parents named me Cassi.

  8. So far this is the best set of videos from LG in a VERY long time.

    Thats not saying there great but there as thought out and as good quality as the normal episodes used to be and should always be, but im sure they will drag it back downhill before the night is done.


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