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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Prom: It’s To Die For

Here is a sneak peek at the week ahead. Weren’t the 80’s totally rad?!



  1. All I know is that I hope no one is REALLY going to die for prom. Carrie was enough deadly prom for me to handle.

  2. Maybe they were just jealous that Jess got to go to PromNight2008!!!

  3. i only see bad things....
    except those glass. Those are actually amazing sun glasses.

  4. i can't wait to hear the premise for this storyline.

  5. milowent said...
    i can't wait to hear the premise for this storyline.
    It was a success in IRC, therefore it must be a success in a web series!!!

    Wow guys I am seriously shocked. Had someone like Glenn Rubenstein mentioned even the word "prom" in the past month in his radio show you guys would have easily jumped up and said that the Creators ripped off an idea of his. However since having a "prom in the Breeniverse" was only a couple members in the community's idea, it's totally ok that it was ripped off. Way to stick together kids. Way to stick together.

  6. Let's see, if I were to guess from the picture, I'd say that Jennie gets her head blown off her body, Jonas dresses Daniel in Carl's former Hymn of One fancy suit and both he and Carl attend in their birthday suits. Sarah dresses everyone else and does their makeup.

  7. Oh, and the two on the sides are the chaperones. ;)

  8. this is gonna be awesome

  9. It is the beginning of the LonelyPromQueen18 spin off.....the new show from EQAL.

  10. I like that it looks like they are taking it in a fun direction.

  11. lol @ hope. i suggested they put a pic of crowley on the wall, and i never got credit either!

  12. Prom already happened


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