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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Puzzle Solution


"The arms of Zephyrus" - Zephyrus was the God of the west wind, indicating that TAAG should head west

"Moving the Cardinal" - Cardinals are high ranking members of the Catholic Church, leading us to think about Catholicism

"Towards Magellan's footsteps" - Ferdinand Magellan attempted to sail the Pacific Ocean, leading TAAG to the Pacific

"The Sound of Music" - The Sound of Music is movie about nuns, leading us to think about nuns
"Evaporates underneath the uneven conditions" - Evaporation = water; Uneven conditions = rocky beach

"Where Agnes stood" - Agnes is the given name of Mother Teresa (which is connected to the clues about Catholicism and nuns), who was a champion of poverty.

This information led us to the beach upon which Jennie filmed her It's The Doing That Matters video.

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  1. I still don't get it. Other then going west, how did they know to go to that exact spot?

  2. Mother teresa did work with poverty,

    "It's The Doing That Matters" was about poverty and it is shot at that beach.

  3. OK, well then in that case. That is the worst riddle ever.

    So if I say "Where Weisz stood." You're suppose to know that Erik Weisz was Harry Houdini's birth name and to go meet me at the place where I made a video of me getting punched in the stomach.

    Sorry, I'm in a bad mood today.


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