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Monday, June 23, 2008

Radio Ga Ga - Steve (KM)

Steve said...

Who speaks French? We need your help urgently!

Steve, Lauren, Julia, Toe and Charlie need your help!!

Can anyone here speak French? I can't, I mean I did it in school but I've forgotten most of it now! Steve uploaded Lauren's radio recording here:


Do you know why they've taken Charlie?

Love Soph

Radio Ga Ga - Steve (KM) on KateModern LGPedia.

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  1. Postby xXellieXx on LG15

    Une femme de 23 ans a été arrêtée en relation au vol de la dernière œuvre de Michelle Clore qui a eu lieu la nuit dernière a Paris. La jeune femme a été arrêtée ce matin au volant d'une toyota IGO couleur argent immatriculé en nombre [?] qui avait été aperçue prêt du lieu du crime. Dans d'autre nouvelle le vignoble de l'acteur Gérard Depardieu a été trois tier détruit par un incendie la nuit dernière. Cette incendie, d'origine inconnu...

    A 23 years old woman has been arrested in relation with the roberry of the last piece of Michelle Clore. The roberry happened last night in Paris. The young woman as been arrested this morning and she was driving a silver IGO toyota that as been seen at the crime scene.

    And then it says something about Gérard Depardieu. But I don't think it's important. Sorry if it doesnt make sence or anything. I'm french so my english isnt really good !

  2. So, who was driving the car last night? Was it Toe on his booze run, or Lauren (who said she tried to sleep in the car to get away from the partying, but it was too cold), or is this a false lead and Rupert Van Heldon lied to the police about seeing the car and merely planted the artwork in it or ???

  3. Screw Charlie, what the hell happened to Gérard Depardieu?


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