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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scam Site

I just received an email that says its from "Amanda Goodfried" with a link to some scam site. I probably wasn't the only one, as its probably a spam bot gathering all email addresses it thinks are associated with lonelygirl15. It was pretty obvious it was a scam, as the email has mispellings and grammer mistakes. If you have received a similar email, don't click on the link. I googled the website from the email, and confirmed it was some scam site.

Just a warning. Have a great day! I'm not giving the scam site address because I don't want to drive traffic there.

NOTE: In no way do we mean to imply that Amanda, or Lonelygirl15, had any role in sending out the scam e-mail. Rather this is a warning to the community that someone has malliciously used her name to engage unsuspecting members in a scam. ~mm


  1. Remember this happened to me last year with someone posing as greg...but it wasn't. It was just a giant...penis.

  2. I received an email also.

    I'm not 100% sure, but it looks to me as if someone has hacked into Amanda's gmail account.

  3. Hi All..
    This morning I received one of the scam messages from Amanda's lg15.com account at my home email and the very same message was sent to me at my work email from her gmail account.

    I emailed her and let her know prior to seeing MM's post. What a mess. Glad I have a MAC.

  4. I guess I'm not in Amanda's online phone book.


  5. I got one too.

    Damn, I was totally wanting to get some discounts on electronics.


  6. I didn't get one either Hopefulsemblance. I feel so left out. I want spam from someone pretending to be Amanda.

  7. pj...don't make up stories just to try and fit in. we dont care about stuff like that. we like you for who you are!


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