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Monday, June 2, 2008

Sticks & Stones - Gina (LG15)

Everybody has their own way of coping - Gina

Music: Artist: Caution Cat
Track: "The Sidewinder Comes Calling"
Artist Link: www.CautionCat.com

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  1. Gina's sweater is cuuute :)

  2. Usually wearing a hat like that means you're going to pull out a gun. Or does that only apply to Jonas?

  3. The sweater was very very very cute. I wonder where she go it?

  4. yes! i also noticed the sweater (hoodie?)
    they should have another contest so a fan can win it!

  5. I really didn't like this video. It's doesn't make sense. Like...why on earth would you go on the run again, and end up at a known location to the order? You know, after thinking about it for a little while, the only thing that would make sense and that would maybe potentially save this story line is if they stopped with running to the same places every single time and being predictable and FINALLY did something smart and actually kept on the move an went around country. Honestly, it's the only thing that would make sense at this point. Either that...or them getting caught and this be over with.

  6. Im starting to think onmce kate moderns done they should start wrapping up LG15, no matter what they do now they cant really get out of the big plot hole and nonsenceical plots they have made, better to just try go out with a bang before it toally rots to hell.

  7. Am I the only one who noticed how much Gina looks like Bree when she wears a hat and the camera is angled just so?


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