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Monday, June 16, 2008

Sofias Diary Ep 66

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  1. Another random death in lg15! Ridiculous!

    *looks at title again*

    Oh, not lg15.

    Why is Sofia's Diary having deaths on their show?

  2. Yeah.. Right... a death at the end of a season of 13 weeks...

    Ummm... not seen that before, have we folks?

    Still, at least she had time to play with her Sony(TM) product to help her get over it.

  3. I think the criteria for soundness is not whether a story includes the death of a character, but how that event plays out and is treated. So far, this looks pretty reasonable. Death should impact others, and they should change as a result.

  4. Did she color her hair, or did she forget to wash the blood out?

  5. Ok, this was already way too "After-school special" feeling. Now, there has been a random death.

    I give up. I'm obviously not in the right age bracket for this one.

  6. @ anonymous - they shoot in blocks of 65 episodes, so expect this look to last until ep 131

  7. "Did she color her hair, or did she forget to wash the blood out?"

    I lol'd.

    I wonder if this storyline has anything to do with the "Disarming Britain" skin that is on bebo homepage.


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