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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sorority Forever fun

Sorority Forever fun
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Hello everyone,
I am currently filming 'Sorority Forever' in WA and having such a great time, All of the cast and crew are so awesome and I finally get to work with my friend miss Taryn Southern (hot4hill) You can check out the rest of the cast on IMDB Sorority forever
We have battled a bit of weather so far but we have filmed in the most beautiful houses! I'm so excited to see the finished product, They crew seems to be doing a great job with everything and I know it will look amazing.
Also I want to thank EVERYONE who watched and voted for 'PERFECT SPORT' online. We won the voting by 5000 votes! THANK YOU!!!!! We are now an official selection for the seattle film festival! YAY!!! AnywhOOoO I will try to write more blogs over the shoot although I can't write much cos there's so many secrets!!!! :P
Also you should sign up at the WB website for updates on 'sorority forever' and other wb shows!!
Jess xo

From the Jessica Rose MySpace


  1. is it a porno? i hope so.

  2. Ohh Cool, Your an amazing actor. Very under noticed.

  3. Its not porno eww. It is a very interesting and great short series at the moment causing many great ratings!


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