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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Traitor Revealed - Lee (KM)

Lee said...

I don't believe it...

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  1. Oh I sure she will when Toe gets a hold of her.

  2. Does this mean Julia is the traitor because she received the most votes from viewers?

    I found this video a bit confusing. It seems the French police saw someone steal the artwork and put it in Charlie's car, but later determined that it was a forgery of the real artwork. We also saw Julia with Rupert and Clore's shadow.

    And from this, somehow, we are to conclude that Julia is the traitor.

    (Couldn't Julia have been recaptured by Rupert?)

    I guess the theory is that Rupert/Julia created a forged artwork and faked a robbery, putting the forgery in Charlie's car in front of a security camera so that she (and possibly those with her) would be arrested.

    I think I can sort of see why Rupert might do this (to stop Julia from escaping), but it's a little hard to understand why Julia would. Perhaps Rupert wanted to give the appearance that the artwork was in police hands, so that he could steal the real art piece for himself, and gain some advantage within the Order.

    Maybe Julia is just the first to be "revealed" as the traitor, and there are more twists to come?

    It's a bit confusing right now.

  3. I knew the voting thing we did for julia made her traitor.

    I bet in the end, Meryl will solve all this once and for all.

  4. At about 1:38, in the upper left corner of the paper, it says "British Journo Found Dead" and has a picture of Patricia, the last person to see Kate alive.

  5. Can we work Toe into MerylModern?

  6. Guess Julia was brainwashed by Rupert and the Order the moment she said yes to his marriage proposal. The bitch, I hope she will get what she deserves.( Terrence gets her with his blowtorch)

  7. julia was always planned to be the traitor. The votes did not alter the desicion.

  8. The paper also has a picture of Salinas.

    "Salinas in historic visit to UK"


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