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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Was Bree The Moonchild?

The Genesis of the Lonelygirl15 and Moonchild Connection

The usage of the Moonchild term in relation to the Lonelygirl15 story stems from a lot of loosely-based conjecture on the part of a number of forum and comments posters and a series of events that were occurring at the time leading up to the ceremony. There was no solid link between the LG15 series and the Moonchild concept. With the coming of Crowleymas on October 12th, the anticipated date for the ceremony and anti-climatic nature of the day resulting from a faked ceremony, the Moonchild theory has grown even farther from "Breeality" than the moon itself is from the Earth. The Moonchild concept has however, made its way into Lonelygirl15 Fanfiction and response videos.

What is a Moonchild?

Aleister Crowley's book, Moonchild
The concept of the Moonchild (Wikipedia) was created by Aleister Crowley in his book bearing that name. The Moonchild is an homunculus that is in essence an ethereal being which would play a role in bringing about Armageddon and a resulting new age of Horus. There have been two pervasive themes within these theories. The first was that the Order would attempt to impregnate Bree during the ceremony with a Moonchild type being. The second theory was that Bree was herself a Moonchild. One element fueling this came from Bree mentioning that the other kids called her "Stargirl". While not identical, the usage of other celestial bodies linked with the term for a female child drew some further conjecture that Bree was a special child, maybe an ethereally-conceived being. Recently, it has been confirmed that Bree was indeed a special child within the Order. She was identified as a potential candidate for the ceremony as a baby and placed with a hand-picked family to be raised as their own, as were many other children across the globe. Apparently only a very select few of these children are ever deemed adequately suited for the ceremony. Bree was one of these chosen children. While still a stretch, this new revelation does crack the door ever so slightly for Bree to have some role in a Moonchild scenario.

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