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Friday, June 6, 2008

What did YOU think: Prom: It's To Die For?

Now that it is over we want your thoughts on "Prom: It's To Die For". What did you think of the plot? What about how they told the story? Did you enjoy the chat? How was the puzzle and the interativity? What did you love and what would you have done different?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and feeling on Prom: It's To Die For.

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  1. How do we know it's over? It's only 7:45pm in Cali. That's four more hours that videos could be posted.

  2. What?? What about Sarah! That is so not fair. No closure.

  3. What about who died? We dont know who is dead yet

  4. I liked the twist, Everyone thought pretty sure of them selves that they knew Emma was going to die. I still dont like that they killed Gina. Gina, thought not being in lg155 that long, reminded you of bree. She had this personality that they need more of. I cant stop feeling that tere is going to be something missing in the series.

  5. I am SO SAD! A lot more so than I thought I was going to be. Unlike Bree, Gina seemed to full of energy and so cheerful in this last video. I was just starting to really like her, too.

  6. she was the sweetest, purest one there. I hope she's not gone.

  7. It was some twist and i am going to miss Gina but it was worth staying up to 4 in the morning for!!!

  8. I love the way they did it, but I don't like that it's still not resolved. Gina is PRESUMED to be dead, but could be alive. Where is Sarah? Hopefully they post a video before Monday answering these questions but as I've seen in the past, weekends are usually taken off.

  9. meh...I'm glad. The only way to stop the suckage is to get rid of some of these unnecessary characters...and there's no better way to do that than a quick bullet to the head..

  10. Gina isnt dead, and Bianca had a theory....sarah is lord caruthers

  11. looked dead to me.

  12. Bree is Lord Caruthers. You heard it here first.

    One question. How did Jennie's clue lead to the beach?

  13. This was the best LG15's been in a while. The stops are always pulled out for the big events. The story was well written and planned out, and the storytelling method was done really well. Even the product placement of the new cameras, which I just read about like 3 days ago - very current, good timing.

    As for killing off Gina (presumably), it sucks cuz she was such an infectious presence and we barely got to know the character. She had become one of my favorites, so I'll miss her.

    If Sarah stays AWOL, and Emma has to leave because her alter ego is going to film a movie, it might be interesting to see Daniel, Jonas & Jennie, kinda like the old days... or as 2 couples if Sarah comes back I guess. That makes sense too.


  15. Joe - something with Jennie's childhood dog named Agnes, after Mother Theresa. Daniel pretty much figured it out on his own in chat.

    Oh yeah - this got me to go in chat for the first time. So that was cool too.

  16. I found it to be pretty underwhelming - as usual, it was nothing but a rehashing of previous plots and techniques:
    * Prom theme: Done by the community not even a month ago
    * Multiple videos scattered over the evening: Done for both season finales
    * "Who was shot?"/"Is she dead?" theme: Done in Crazy Border Crossing!!, and Bloodlines
    * Interaction between the videos to advance the plot: Done in Bloodlines
    * Multiple points of view: Done in Uncle Dan, and partially in The Human Ransom
    * Breaking into an Order/HoO building and avoiding capture by ducking: Done in Bloodlines and several other times

    In addition, it wasn't really surprising that Carl betrayed them. I mean, did anyone actually believe he would suddenly become part of the TAAG? It was clear he was trouble the moment he showed up at The Rented House.
    The only real surprise was that it was not Emma, but Gina, that went down, and if you look at Part 4, you'll see that there are no open wounds, no blood, no nothing - they kept the door wide open for her return.

    All in all, I'd rate this as slightly above average, mainly for the multiple points of view - that was a nice touch, imo. But I really didn't get the whole "great event" and "OMG what's gonna happen???" feeling. It had all been done before, it was just a different story this time.

  17. Bah, the in-between interaction was in the Season 1 Finale, not in Bloodlines.

    (I need an edit button -_-)

  18. where is sarah?

    great videos!

  19. What would I have done differently? Not killed the last Avery for one, lol.

  20. I thought it was interesting the way Carl was portrayed as conflicted/upset in these videos.

    It's still not clear though what Carl meant down in Mexico, when TAAG grabbed Sarah from the tent, and he was saying something about her and him being connected.

    I liked the multi-camera point of views, each one capturing a piece of the story. That approach has a lot of potential.

    It's also good that the Carruther's story has been picked up again - though it needs more development/revelation.

    If Gina is dead, then does that mean Emma is the only trait positive girl (aka target) left in the story?

  21. Oh, forgot one: This is also the millionth time Jonas fails at shooting the enemy, even though he has a gun, as well as the billionth time they could've killed the enemy in general, and didn't.

    Why talk about bringing down the Order all the time, if you have a clear shot at the next generation Elder and don't take it? It's just ridiculous.

  22. I am a new renagade fan. (great recap and critique)


  23. The videos were good, better then Bloodlines. I loved this kind storyteling with the different points of view, so you could figure out how it all went yourself. I think this approach of storytelling has a lot of potentional. Good that Lord Carruthers returned, I wondered where he went so it's good that his storyline is picked up again.

    The only negative thing is that the time between the videos was a bit long. An hour between them or 1,5 hour is long enough. (especially when you're not from the US and you're watching in the middle of the night.) Oh, and why aren't they sad about Gina's (possible) death? They're not crying or anything, they don't even look upset about it. That's a bit strange...

    I can't wait for the next video's. I really wanna know what happened to Sarah!

  24. already a mm, qtc, milo, etc of the here fan. ;)

  25. Nothing is ever enough for some people, is it?

    I thought it was really good. And I want to watch Sarah and Daniel make out for hours. Like... PG13 porn. So awesome.
    HOWEVER, there's talk that Sarah is really evil, plotted with Carl, blah blah blah. If this is true, and she only made out with Daniel to distract him, I will hunt her down. She's my favorite, but I WILL hurt her.

  26. I'm disappointed more as the series progresses. There was actually some room to grow Gina's character! She's far more interesting than Jennie OR Emma. The series has been getting a bit "main character heavy" but I think the character that was eliminated was a poor choice.

    Overall, the plot progression and logic has not be right for awhile. The Ascension plot could have had much more potential. And why didn't Lucy just take one of them out and finally get some credit for all the evil she's been doing all this time? Instead, Salinas gets the prize.

    Why do I envision Lord Carruthers are a Skeksis under than hood?

  27. *It would appear Gina's storyline was tied to Bree's mom and when she died Gina became disposable. I don't agree with that.

    *I like the multiple camera POVs although I found it was hard to establish a timelime.

    *There really was no reason for the characters not to mention Gina was dead. Not to mention not one tear was shed over her death.

    *The puzzle seemed out of place. Does the Order not monitor the chat, the forum or watch the vids?

    *I really don't understand why retrieving the last cam was so necessary. It didn't show them anything they didn't already know.

    I can't explain it....

    I love you Gina.

    Guess I'm gonna have to close the fan club...



    Help! I need somebody! Help, not just anybody, help! you know I need someone!

    By the way, I'm issuing a moment of silence tomorrow during my show on BreeFM at some point between 6-7 PST.

  29. tsu dont close the fanclub! We still love her!

    And my opinion? Well...a videos uploading atm.

  30. they don't know what they're doing.

    shooting flaming arrows

    hoping they'll catch fire

    ignore and kill the good ones

    keep the ordinary

    not a good story

    in the long run

    no one hears me

    :) at myself

  31. I miss Mesh! He could write a character with some depth!

  32. I think a revolution is near.

  33. Well, there goes my idea for the perfect ending for the show...

    After an epic battle where everyone else dies, including the Elders and TAAG, Gina ends up starting a new life, puts on a pink boa, sits down infront of a webcam, and starts to vlog ala Bree.

    Too bad.

  34. Surfthetsu i feel the same, why Gina, why poor Gina. Just when she started to have a life it was taken from her.

    I enjoyed it, i thought it was well done, had some good community interaction and it gave you a little twist.

  35. The vids were better than I expected.

    This comment thread is exactly what I expected.

    At least no one has said "they killed gina? I'm outta here!" (This is a cue for the next anon poster.)

  36. I enjoyed the videos, but honestly I think they've set a bar with certain action videos like this and they didn't meet it. There were a few missing details and little things that they missed and a holes here and there and parts that made no sense, but in general, I enjoyed them. I think there needs to be a vid from Sarah though, because you are right there needs to be some closure on her part. So far we have no clue what happened to her and I'm really surprised Daniel hadn't mentioned her

  37. I haven't watched LG15 since TAAG abandoned Steve, but this whole Prom thing looked so interesting that I went and watched all the videos that I had missed. Marathon LG15 watching actually made the show more enjoyable, and the vlogs were surprisingly good. I was ready to start rewatching the show for good....and then they killed off Gina, my favorite.

    I was so enjoying her interactions with Emma. It was great to see the two of them interact and be friends and talk about their similar backgrounds. Gina was also our connection to Bree, and there were so many things we could have learned about her through Gina, and just about Gina herself. Now we will probably never know given LG's affinity for dropping storylines...

    What bothered me the most was how Gina died. Jonas can't find a pulse and then he just runs away. Who leaves one of their best friends in a cabin with Order maniacs in it when she's unconscious, but not necessarily dead? Since she wasn't there when Daniel returned, the Order has clearly taken her body (therefore making Carl grabbing the camera rather unnecessary...), which I'm hoping means maybe she'll return some day? Please??
    In addition to that, considering Jonas knew Gina was the fallen TAAG-member, WHY didn't he post that? His cell phone died? I don't believe that he had no other way of posting. What about internet cafes? And how did no one else know? Their apathy towards her death was also annoying.
    And where the hell is Sarah?
    Why give them all cameras, and then not do prom vids from her and Jonas's perspectives? Dumbness!

  38. I agree with a lot of what you said Retro. After a good night's sleep, the thing that bothers me most is how TAAG weren't more shook to the core over this.

    As a note: Jonas and Sarah didn't have cameras. If at any point they were filming it's cuz they had one of the 4 cameras.

  39. I said this in a earlyer post but ill put it here too.

    Best LG15 videos in a very long time, i thin kthe last time they put effort in like this was with the Resistance videos.

    But this should be the quality of the normal day to day videos not the special one off ones.

    You cant balance out LOTS of shit with one bit of good.

    They need to step up there game and keep this quality going now if they dont, I might finally stop watching.

  40. Did anyone notice how Sarah dragged Daniel off to make out which kept him distracted during Carl's escape? Ahm just saying..

  41. Why was Jonas so gung-ho about getting the last camera when he knew what was on it? Makes no sense to me...he kinda put everyone in danger for no reason.

  42. They killed Gina? I'm outta here!

    (that's for you, Milo)

  43. For a while there towards the end of last year, it kinda sorta seemed like they had figured out how to tell a story on this show. They got OUT of that stupid "girl in danger/girl kidnapped/girl escapes with help of TAAG/girl gives herself up to save friends (or did she?)" storyline - and the "TAAG has to hide for a while in some sort of bunker or hideaway so we can see the characters have moments together while the plot completely stops moving" thing - they have been rehashing since Bree. We got the Lullaby People, some threat that there was more going on than just bad guys trying to kill the sweet young girl (which even those who are into this storyline have to admit is kinda creepy in a sexist/pedophile way), and that the Order had some actual agenda beside living forever. What fun is living forever if you can't dominate the world, right? But now we are back to the same crap. I liked the prom, it was sweet, but the aftermath was predictable and stupid. And "Lord Carruthers?" Are you serious? The character MAKES NO SENSE. It's like all of a sudden we're in Star Wars. Is it crazy that I want something different to happen? I am attached to these people as characters, but I really hate the storylines they keep getting thrown into.


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