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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn Rubenstein on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

"Born To Run" is an amazing song. At one point they wanted to make it the state anthem of New Jersey.

How whack is your life if you have to tune into the radio to get the time?

Glenn read from a series pitch that he created for a deal that did not happen. Glenn was contacted by a major media conglomerate (it was not the WB, but if the WB wants to contact Glenn the show is ready to go) that was considering doing a web series but they ended up changing their mind about going into online video. He was asked to pitch a story that was not RedEarth88 because they wanted to co-develop a project.

The basic story is about a shallow male reporter and a female producer who travel around the country,
producing investigative reports for a third-rate cable news network. Think 30 Rock meets Broadcast News.

Jefferson Beckett (a "waspy" sounding name) would be a reporter for a third-rate cable news network. He aspires to be the next Anderson Cooper despite his lack of experience. Both Jefferson and the Network believe that he is destined for greatness because he looks the part. Rebecca would be a producer who studied journalism in college. Rebecca's professionalism are at odds with Jefferson's superficial approach. The pair would be accompanied by their heard (but not seen) camera man, Hank. They travel the country but mostly produce "puff" pieces.

It would be shot as first person point of view videos with raw footage and direct communication from Rebecca and the network. There would also be third-person point of view videos in the form of reports from the field. There would be romantic potential between Jefferson and Rebecca. We would both get an idea of the story being reported and the developing relationship between Jefferson and Rebecca (cf Law and Order).

The series would have interactive elements. Rebecca would refer to the fans as "stringers", which is a media term for industry freelancers, and she would ask them to help complete each story. As stories get botched Jefferson the fans would have an opportunity to help out. The content that fans create would be used in the finished investigative reports

It would be a bit like Broadcast News updated to the modern cable news network era. Every network wants their own "Anderson Cooper" so they tend to take guys who look the part but can't always deliver the goods. The name "Jefferson Beckett conveys what is being parodied. You need to make sure you can get all the domains etc and it has to have the right ring to it. You don't see a lot of comedies that are not the viral video type thing. It would have a lot of interesting aspects to it including product integration opportunities.

Glenn would cast Sara in the role of Rebecca. Picture a young Steve Carell-type as Jefferson. It could even be in the same universe as RedEarth88 if desired.

Copyright 2008, Glenn Rubenstein.

Prom drama: Back in the day Glenn pitched a story line to Mesh and Miles that Bree would be bummed out with how her life would be going. Jonas was going to plan an evening to cheer Bree out. Maybe they would rent a limo and crash and existing prom. Jonas was going to have Daniel to video tape the evening. Alternatively Daniel could follow at a distance.

The timing of all the current drama is strange. We have been down variations of this road before.

Remember Headline News? They used to show the same new on loop but not any more.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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Special thanks to Mathieas for helping out.


  1. If anyone has an audio copy of the show I could fill in some of details. Due to a system crash I lost both text and audio records.

  2. Ok, I think I now got most of it back. Yay!

  3. Now you see why they have to go wimp out this looks like a highly entertaining show especialy if sarah gets a part shes great at presenting/reporting from what iv seen on youtube.

    I hope glenn continues to pitch this project its very promissing.


  4. I think they should do their first report from Foxfest!!! And, hey can we find a role for Mari in it too?

  5. "The timing of all the current drama is strange. We have been down variations of this road before."

    What's that mean? Is this the part where there was more that was missed out on?

  6. "The timing of all the current drama is strange. We have been down variations of this road before."

    I think he meant we've experienced more than one "coincidence" before.

  7. Or maybe the idea wasn't all that original or creative to begin with. It's easy to have coincidences when you throw out a generally weak and undefined idea in the early going of a show that's two years running with hardly any stops.


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