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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where is She? - Charlie (KM)

Charlie said...

I don't know what Lauren's done but it's started to affect the people she cares about, or at least the people I thought she cared about. Get in touch.

The Shadow of Elder Michelle Clore was first seen during Terrence's siege of the Hymn of One's London Centre. He shows up wherever Michelle does and doesn't take kindly to those who interact with her. Along with Kate's Watcher he Precious Blood: 10PM pursues Terrence after he spills too many secrets about the inner workings of the Order. He is last seen chasing after Terrence, and lives after Kate's Watcher is murdered by Terrence in the pursuit. He is later seen continuing to protect Michelle.

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  1. I think someone is a little angry and someone else is about to feel the watcher/shadows wrath.

  2. I totally didn't expect that guy at the end.

    KM is very interesting at the moment...

  3. That guy was awesomely intimidating.

  4. Know who I miss who dissappeared for pretty shitty reasons, Tariq.

    And wasnt the guy selling paintings Justin form JTV ? why did Lee not reognise him =S

    The guy at the end just wants a friend, WHY WONT ANYONE BE HIS FRIEND ?!?!?

  5. I think Tariq needs to return as well.

    Maybe if he'd put on a friendlier face people would be his friend. That's one angry face.

  6. Wait... Was the Shadow looking for Clore... or Lauren?

    I didn't get that.

  7. Lauren, because he asks where is your friend?

    When is KM suposed to be ending?

  8. He was probably looking for Lauren cuz Michelle Clore is actually still alive - barely

  9. I don't understand why Lee and Charlie continue to beg Lauren to contact them if she sees their videos, considering she's been KIDNAPPED AND IS TIED UP AND GAGGED!!!! Hello? Chaz I love ya babe but you just sound like a moron when you ask things like that.

  10. raz, that makes a lot of sense... Clore's Shadow could be desperate to get Lauren's trait positive blood and save his Elder (Clore).

    So Clore must have some enemy who is holding Lauren captive... another Elder? maybe Carruthers? (we know he was going doll shopping, but he seems to be more a part of LG15 than KM).


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