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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whodunit? - Julia (KM)

This is getting ridiculous. Someone needs to own up now.


  1. Julia's the traitor! The look on her face, she looks so guilty.

  2. I've always said Julia. I still say Julia.

    Steve seemed innocent in this video, as did Lauren.

    Of course, now they're trying to cast doubt on the one person we trusted.

  3. Charlie did it, it's her car; she has the keys and rarely left it all weekend.

  4. They wouldn't be able to give away Charlie's car if she was free to claim it, so probably she is going to be locked up in jail for a long time, and they are going to sell it cheap at Police auction.

    So, clearly, Charlie is the traitor. ;)

  5. because leslie, lauren hit the camera when toe kept zooming in on her butt. and it had problems, then came back black and white.

    also. im analyzing these episodes. go check it out on my blog

  6. Well Julia and Toe were the only other people alone with that guy. Gosh, I'm so confused.

  7. Oh thats right! Thanks Michelle! I have a horrible memory

  8. Steve looks sexy in this vid. Julia looks really guilty.

  9. The butler did it, it's always the butler. Is there a butler?

  10. What happened to that guy....gavin ?


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