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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wow! I actually did something productive at 3AM!

Before I start, I have to tell you guys it's 3AM here. Just thought you'd want to know.

Anyways, I was looking up 4Chan on wikipedia and saw that it's the 459th most viewed website. So then I decided to look up www.lg15.com on alexa.com, a website that calculates website traffic.

Here are some interesting stats about our beloved lg15.com:

-It's the 46,925th most viewed website on the internet.
-About 0.0025% of the global internet population visits lg15.com EACH DAY!
-76.1% of our views come from the US.
-The rank of lg15.com among the most viewed websites started to pick up a substantial amount around when "Girl Tied Up" was posted. Previously, the rank of lg15.com was dropping.

-The blogspot (ie this website) is about the 1,180,000th most viewed website
-Eqal.com is about the 750,000th most viewed website.

Here's the link:



  1. Alexa is generally not seen as accurate. To quote a random user from a random forum:

    "You are correct that Alexa gets its rankings data from browsers that have the Alexa toolbar installed. That's a fairly small sampling, as well as a skewed one, as many Web-savvy individuals feel that having the toolbar is akin to having spyware on your system. Because of this, any info you get from Alexa needs to be taken with a grain of salt."

  2. That does not seem to jive with the YouTube views that are at an all time low.

    I think all the sites took a hit when the writers decided to leave Steve out in the middle of nowhere and broke the bond between TAAG and the fans. Until they repair that bond the views will not go back up in my opinion.

  3. Ah... thank you for that renegade, I didn't know >.<

  4. I was going to mention what the 436th top site was but it's not what I would call family friendly.


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