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Friday, July 25, 2008

2009 A True Story - Episode 13_0 Days Remaining

July 4, 2009

Who lives? Who dies? Series finale.

"We can't hide out in the desert anymore?"
(Sara Ford_19)

Music Featured:

"Gravity" and "Memory" from Miles Tilmann

"14 Ghosts II" and "12 Ghosts II" from Nine Inch Nails

Thanks for watching!



  1. new series on 1/1/09 apparently.

    shot right in the head, wasn't she.

  2. I applaud this series for the amazing editing, and the fact that they made the 5-mile radius that they filmed around legitimately feel like they really traversed the entire southwest of America.

    Had this series been done by an up & coming auteur (or as the final project of a college student) I would have been amazed.
    However knowing that this series had some funding behind it & and completed by a team of people that are already in the video making field, I am sorely let down.

    While this comment may seem unfair, it's sort of like a 4-year old child that draws a realistic yet oblong face that could have been drawn by a talented 8th-grader. You would be pretty impressed. However, had you known that a graduating art student drew that piece, you'd be kind of let down and embarassed that someone with the training and credentials couldn't do something different and special. And that is what I'm saying here.

    The story was boring & predictable. I pretty much called what the countdown was counting down to by the end of the first video. Aside from this, this story was so obviously written by a group of very angry, very bitter people frustrated with the state of the world. I get that, and I get that art is just a commentary of life at the time. But instead of doing something so unique and so powerful, the story(tellers) fell victim to cliches. This story has been done before. In literature, it's assumed many names such as 1984. In movies, it's assumed many names such as The Siege. This entire web series is the equivalent of me saying, "This is my commentary of the world," and handing you a handwritten letter that is merely stanzas from different Shakespearean prose. Unoriginal and boring.

    Also, when filming a series/movie/whatever in video blog format there has to be a reason to it within the story. For example, I'd probably hold this series in higher regard had they revealed that these videos were put together by & for a group of revolutionaries hoping to set America on the straight & narrow once more. But no. Instead the videos were thrown at us arbitrarily. We saw the perspective from the soldiers' standpoint, from the group of defectors' standpoint, and from the average American's standpoint via the commercials and PSAs. THE ENTIRE POINT OF MAKING A SERIES LIKE THIS IS SO THAT WE FEEL LIKE WE'RE IN THE SERIES AND A PART OF THE STORY. Not for one second did I feel like I was absorbed into this post-apocalyptic word. If you are going to do a story where you see the story from all sides, then you follow the traditional conventions of storytelling. If anything, the way that these videos were put together I felt SO detached from the story that I basically didn't give a crap.

    The only thing that kept me watching was hope that the girl would show up in a bikini. While I hope for that in every video series, this was the ONLY thing that kept me tuned in. That's kinda sad.

    In summary, if you're just an angry, frustrated person that likes Nine Inch Nails (kinda redundant) and enjoys all flash and no boom, then watch this series.
    If you're looking for an original series or something new or something a little less shallow than a puddle, for God's sake stay away from this series.

    But then again, all of this is just my opinion. :)

  3. Hope, its not healthy to hold things in. You were obviously holding back way too much with that statement. You need to tell us how you really feel.


  4. XD
    I don't know why but this series really pissed me off. Probably because I didn't get to see her in a bikini? lol

  5. The hand-held (or helmet-held) camera work is a fairly recent convention, and common now on the web of course. The first time I really remember seeing that style was 'Blair Witch Project' although it's probably been around in bits and pieces (such as an animal's eye view running through the woods) in many films for ages. There was something about the filming in this series that emphasized the first person point of view.

    Hope, you should actually try to compose a letter from Shakespearian stanzas that is your "commentary of the world." I'm betting it wouldn't be that boring. ;)


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