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Sunday, July 6, 2008

2009 A True Story - Episode 1_85 Days Remaining

April 11, 2009

"I am unable to see any movement on the ground."
(Unknown Reporter)

Music Featured:
"Last Chance" and "Unfold" from Miles Tilmann
"Moto Mix" From Dean Garcia

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  1. I've just started catching up on these. I'm enjoying them so far.

  2. I thought this was that series that Javier announced and my jaw hit the ground.
    Now that I see that it's professional... eh.

  3. ...
    I'll just say that I won't be subscribing to this series. The only thing intriguing and "original" about this series is whatever the videos are counting down too. But I am figuring that it's either counting down to World War III, the complete dictatorship of President Bush, or a foreign invasion.
    Either way... *yawn*

    I hope this isn't the only thing that will be posting on LG15Today during the Breeniverse hiatus.

  4. I no longer enjoy apocalyptic movies/books/stories/videos.

    something about seeing bombs and smoke, troops, and such first hand just makes it feel worse...

  5. The helmet-cams on the soldiers is a good excuse for some first person video - I wonder if the story will explain how this video is being captured and presented (or is it assumed that we viewers see all as with TV shows?)

    I added this show to the list at


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