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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amanda was in LG15 chat?

Well maybe.....

It has not yet been confirmed as officially Amanda. It is going by "AmandaG" which is not the normal screen name used by Amanda.

The individual has now left the room. We were never able officially confirm the identity of the individual who was in chat.


  1. wow you call me "it" now. cool.

  2. It's prolly Iris.

  3. You need to properly identify with the room op otherwise we have no protection against a fake.

  4. There are protections in place for the protection of the community. Please use them if you are actually Amanda.

  5. Right now we do not even know if you are male or female or if you are even who you say you are. That is why we termed it an "it" to protect the community from a potential imposter.

  6. i am sure it was amanda. i think we need to accept that the C's are never going to be IRC masters, though that will frustrate some.

  7. Well there are safety concern so they need to learn.

  8. that's on the slate for 2011. i've accepted it by now.

  9. I wish I was there, I have an awesome question. An accepted leadership principle is "Don't ask anyone to do something you wouldn't do yourself." Might be Sun Tzu but it basically came out of the military where commanders have to expect soldiers to follow their orders when sent into battles. So under that principle, where's the Lucy boobshot thumbnail?

  10. I'm almost positive it was her, on the LG15 comment board she was asked to join the IRC chat, then when she got there it wouldn't allow her to use her regular screen name so she said she would just go as AmandaG so people would know it was her.

  11. On the issue of proper identification I am definitely on modelmotions side. There are safety concerns involved and that makes it high priority.

    Therefor I have provided the required information to register a name once again. I know this isn't new for them because it has already been done for Danielbeast, Jonastko, JennieTheBear and SkyIsEmpty.

    Don't forget that in the background multiple people are missing the chat because they are working on getting confirmation of the identity too.

  12. Normally we are able to get a clear identification but for certain reasons this was not possible this time. Hopefully Amanda will publicly clarify what happened but we would rather be safe that sorry. It is very dangerous to have someone in chat who may/may not be who they say they. This is especially true with a show with the Lonelygirl15 demographic.

  13. "Safety concerns"

    this is just too ridiculous guys. why must we make everything so hard on them.

    just my opinion. i told you it was her. i told you the IP matched. micfranxon did as well. no wonder they don't come into chat more often.

  14. what could possibly happen?

  15. Anonymous, good question. Please meet me at 1pm at the santa monica pier with ALL YOUR VALUABLES.

    Also, please paypal all your banking funds to [email protected] and you will be mentioned by daniel in an upcoming video.

  16. Just for the record, since the nick was put into question:

    <Traveler12> hi guys it's Amanda. for some reason it's not accepting my nick change. :(
    * [AMANDA] ([email protected]): New Now Know How
    * [AMANDA] irc.freenode.net :http://freenode.net/
    * [Amanda] End of WHOIS list.
    <Renegade15> The nick Amanda is in use
    <Renegade15> try AmandaGoodfried
    <Traveler12> k
    <Renegade15> though that could be too long
    * Traveler12 is now known as AmandaG

  17. not sure i understand that log renegade. it wasn't a comcast IP. it was a pacbell irvine address, which is what characters usually come in on during in-game chats.

  18. milowent, the comcast address was the other Amanda, the Amanda somewhere in the many chat rooms of freenode that was already using Amanda.

  19. ah, i see. duh. that's why she couldn't take it for herself.

    of course they have never registered whatever names they use.


  20. well, like this fake Amanda showed, there are safety concerns. None of the information on confirming the IP address reached me. The only active operator at that time.

    As for registration of the nicknames, I sent Amanda the info required to do so and to make sure they are secured.

    I am just trying to make sure they realize the responsibilities of being someone people look up to. And asking them to make sure nobody takes advantage of it.

  21. It was Amanda. I asked her something only amanda would know and she had the answer.

  22. <RoyTheBoy> What color is your underwear?

  23. Milo, there are safety concerns. That is all that should need to be said. If we cannot clearly identify someone we are going to say so. That is just the sensible thing to do. They know full well how the system works. They know there are safety concerns. They know there is an operator in the room to protect against those concerns. This is not something we can or will just skip over. We made every effort to identify the individual and while their is circumstantial suggestions that it may have been them it is important that everyone follows proper procedures to protect the integrity of the room and all individuals in the room.

  24. funny thing about safety concerns:

    when amanda was in the chat, she mentioned that she had the finale scripts open on her computer.

    i wished for a mistaken 'cut and paste' of finale dialogue into her chat box.

    someone then suggested in jest that we hack into amanda's computer and get the scripts.

    amanda responded - pls. dont do that because it would suck.

    now, most computer savvy people would know its close to impossible to do things like that. (sure, anything's possible, but...)

    but amanda probably thought it was a serious concern. she probably thought we were browsing her directory structure during the chat.

    btw, amanda - why is greg downloading dr. hook songs off limewire?

  25. "wow you call me "it" now. cool."

    I can think of a lot worse things to call you.

  26. "but amanda probably thought it was a serious concern. she probably thought we were browsing her directory structure during the chat."

    You know, some of us actually were.

    Amanda needs to cut back on downloading her W4W porn, she has at least 5 gigs of it.

    "btw, amanda - why is greg downloading dr. hook songs off limewire?"

    He too wants his picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

  27. Keep going with this ridiculous crap and the C's will start hoping that a bunch of you finally quit your bitching and just leave before the new series starts (might be they already are).

    They've coddled this little group for so long that you have such a feeling of entitlement. It's disturbing.

    I wish they had the balls to just tell the whiners and complainers to go f**k themselves. To have the nerve to talk about "abuse" when it has been this group abusing them to the nth degree lately is hilarious.


  28. wow.

    as one of the anons, I have to say this, so take it for what it's worth...

    maybe it's time to remove the anonymous option.


  29. Milo, there are currently active concerns at that level as well. If you have been following recent events you will have seen the result of extremely malicious activity beyond the level we have ever seen before in this community.

    And Anon, we are not saying Amanda was abusive we are saying that the blogspot was not able to obtain clear and unambiguous confirmation that Amanda was in chat. We still don't have it and that is what this post is about. Some fans may have had inside information but that is an entirely different issue. We are talking about the public information and confusion over other issues.

    Originally the post was a positive story about Amanda being in chat. Because she did not identify it turned into a safety concern. Are you really saying we should not worry about the safety of the community after all that has happened over the history of LG15? It takes very little to register a name. Everyone else does it and it has come to be expected. It is just that simple and it helps protect the safety of everyone in chat.

  30. The anon option allows people the freedom to speak their mind. What you say and the screen name you use are two entirely different issues.

    That said it does help if posters use anon1, anon2, etc to help clarify, but it is their choice. Just remember that you are personally responsible for what you post.

  31. oh. okay.

    well, there you go then.

  32. why isn't it a safety issue that people can post anonymously in these comments?

    i saw greg posted on the kids blog the other day that -- in effect - he wasn't going to comment on this blog anymore. i felt it was unwise of him to say that, but i don't blame him.

    the creators are not going to always do things 100% the way we want. never have, never will. and they aren't claming they will.

    mm, you wrote: "Are you really saying we should not worry about the safety of the community after all that has happened over the history of LG15?"

    no, but i don't see this instance as a "safety issue." not everyone registers their name, only regulars figure all that stuff out.

  33. The issue is that you have a live chat where someone can be enticed into PM very quickly. The ops then loose control over the safety of members in chat. This becomes a concern when you have a popular authority figured in chat.

    The original post here was that Amanda was in chat based on information we received. We then quickly did due diligence and could not confirm it was her so we quickly change the post to what it is today.

    When there are safety concerns on the blogspot we take action. What Eqal does on their property is up to them but please do not blame us for pointing out real safety issues.

  34. Bottom line is, this blog is becoming unreal with the negativity towards the C's.

    The latest videos have been excellent, the story is really getting interesting, and still, this takes the backseat to petty bitching.

    For some of you, the drama and whining will never end. Nothing these people do will ever be good enough, and quite honestly, I will not be surprised when they just stop caring (seems like it's already started with Greg's comment).

    As for this Anonymous BS, just because I don't feel like creating another login on google, I'll just sign my comments like I DID. This handful of people think you are the only ones who watch the show and have interest in it. You are delusional. There are still thousands of us out there that watch the show and don't have the time/desire to participate much at the "community" level.

    As someone who does not have the time/desire, I'll tell you that this blog has been an excellent resource, presenting information in one spot. But the drama, complaining and bitching has gone so overboard lately, that it's pissing me off that the C's are being treated so terribly. Since they're not going to tell you all off, I'm glad that some of us are doing it for them.


  35. A few things I want off my chest concerning some of the comments posted here. Some of you are defending the creators until no end. And I understand that, I used to be one of those people.

    The thing is, they make a good show. They've indeed done a pretty good job on the last couple of videos. Lately though, much of the discussion has been going on on the topics that comment on things that did not go so smoothly. Like this topic for example.

    I think you will agree with me that the original message is quite neutral. People got more into it in the comments. However, this is not mindless bashing on the actions of the creators. A couple of people are actually trying to make things better. I myself sent Amanda the information she needs to register a nickname, with instructions and everything. I think you will find that my comments are always backed up with arguments and never of an attacking nature.

    I also notice that many people who complain about the many complaints out here (see the irony there) admit to not being an active part of the community. The complaints that have been raised lately are all things that have impact on the more active part of the community. I'm not saying that others don't have the right to speak up, but I understand that they don't see reason to complain.

    As for this issue, as one of the IRC operators it is my job to ensure the safety of everyone in chat above all. Impersonation of an authority figure is a successful way to lure pm into PM conversations that can't take a wrong turn. Aside from that people look to me(and a few others) for confirmation of Amanda's identity. Which in this case I wasn't able to get before she left chat again.

    Apart from the security issue there are other reasons why a registered account is preferred. We can set the registered account as a known account that will automatically display a + in front of the name when a creator or character enters chat. So that everyone can see right away that this is the actual person they claim to be. Also I have already built a system that will separate lines from these persons of interest and log them to be posted on lg15today for example. These systems will only work if we can easily identify them.

    Therefor using a registered name ensures safety of the people in chat. Makes the job of operators considerably easier and provides the community with ways to easily log things for others to read that weren't there at the moment.

    If bringing these concerns to light is a bad thing, than I guess your complaints are justified. I just don't see the harm in comments with the goal to improve things.

    Look at it this way; at the root of every complaint is a community member that (still) cares.

  36. So Amanda takes the time to interact with community members on the Comment Board to show appreciation, and then takes the time to interact in the IRC chat, impromptu, to appease the community member(s) who invite her there.

    And you STILL have to complain about it.

    You can write about your reasons all you want, but in the current C-bashing climate of this blog, it's just one more complaint. Amanda joining the IRC chat was obviously not planned, she obviously doesn't use it often or know a lot about using it, and I'd be surprised if she goes back.

    There comes a time when the "Don't like it? Leave" mentality needs to come into play. For a bunch it seems that time passed a long time ago.


  37. I like the community though. I won't leave IRC.

    And of course it is nice that Amanda takes the time to talk to the community. Nobody denies that. I just want to make sure that it's a completely positive experience.

    All I'm asking for is 5 minutes to set up the registration. I will guide her through it if necessary. I've done it a million times for other IRC users who took the time to register.

  38. You know what? Screw you guys... I'm going home.


  39. You know what? Screw you guys... I'm going home.


  40. Very mature FOTM, thanks for playing. And don't double post, kthx

  41. Obviously that wasn't me.
    IP's don't lie.

    A very "mature" way to attempt to prove your point brightsilence.


  42. eerm, as far as I can see IP's aren't shown. And it sure as hell wasn't me.

    I guess someone else is trying to prove a point here. At least they didn't pretend to be a creator.


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