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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amanda Says:

TheNunOwnedGoat Says:

Can you fully explain the relationship between the LG15 Creators and the Nikki Bower videos

Amanda Says:
July 10th, 2008 at 9:02 pm

TheNunOwnedGoat - The Nikki B vids originated when Alli D (the actress) and I decided to create our own series of fan videos. At the time I needed a creative outlet (like I didn’t already have enough to do!) and we came up with Nikki B. None of the “creators” or writers of lonelygirl15 were ever involved with Nikki B, except for the few “in game” videos released through the lonelygirl15 account (12 in 12, for example). The first few were done purely for fun and continued because the community responded so positively to them. I wish I could make more videos, but I’m just too darn busy at the moment. But Nikki isn’t gone forever. She will return!


Nikki Bower on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. So, I guess we could look at NikkiB as an example of a fan created character that was allowed to interact with the canon series.

  2. Fan created? It's a fictional fan. How can you call them fan videos when they are made by a producer who had intimate knowledge of story and locations not to mention unlimited access?

  3. "I decided to create our own series of fan videos."

    That's brilliant. I think I'll start making fan videos about myself.

  4. Hummmm..... I see your point.

    So, other than OpAphid we still do not have a good example. I guess NikkiB does show what COULD be done if the C opened it up to people from outside their closed circle of friends.

  5. I really wonder who produced cassieiswatching...

  6. Nikki Bower was an excellent piece of UGC that was clearly never designed to give people the idea they might write their own characters to interact with LG15.

    She was also NOT a sock puppet in the phorum and in the various chats. I know this, because she was in bed with Lucy and myself on every single occasion that she "appeared" in these locations.

    Now that I have defended her honor, I shall retire for the time being. Should anyone like an honest appraisal of the NikkiBowerReport, they will find it in the Rubbish Bin at the phorum.

  7. So we now know of at least one character who will be returning after LG15 ends...

  8. i'm suprised i forgot about nikki's role in the recent discussions we've been having about UGC. apo speaks true above.


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