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Friday, July 11, 2008

Blood Will Flow - Daniel (LG15)

It shouldn't have happened like this. - Daniel

This is the first time Jonas has ever discussed the source of the scar on his chest.
Blood Will Flow - Daniel (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. Does this mean jonas likes to self-harm?

  2. Holy cow. These videos are getting awesome. I can't believe his scar became relevant in the series.

  3. ...aaand it's official. LG15 has become prison break. Unless of course, that's a computer chip instead of a pill that makes you spontaneously vomit. :P

  4. Well now we know what that scar (which I still can't see no matter how many times I pause that video) on Bree's back was for. Maybe the chip was cut into two pieces. Then Daniel, Sarah and Jennie will have to go to Bree's grave, dig her up and cut the chip out of her back. They open the coffin and it's empty. Ooooh!

  5. if they know he swallowed it, they may have just taken Jonas until he poops it out.

    it could still be okay for Jonas....

    well...maybe not...

  6. We do not know what has been going on at LG15 lately but it almost seems like the writers have suddenly become more aware of the back story of Lonelygirl15. Have they been reading up or what? Anyway whatever the reason its nice to see this change. We hope they keep it up as we move towards the end of the show.

  7. And for the beginning of the new show. :)

  8. As with LOST, having a definite ending and timeframe planned tightens up the storytelling. This is why I asked whether the new show will be "open ended" over on the Q&A post on InsideLG15 blog.

  9. great video... finally they are tying things with the past (i hope)


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