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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Coalition Debate

Since our original post of " "The Coalition in Transition" there has been a lot of debate as to the role of the 2 Coalition web sites. Today we had an official statement from one of the web sites. It should be noted that this represents the opinion of the group that runs that web site and we welcome a response from the original Coaltion web site in an attempt to accurately represent all opinions on the subject.

OOG Statement Regarding theCoalition
by trainer101

on Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:04 am

Hi everyone!

Trainer here, your friendly neighborhood moderator manager.

As some of you know, or at least suspect, I know all of the PM's who came together to create what's come to be known in the LG world as RedTerritory. I consider each and every one of them to be a good friend, we've spent many long hours together.

Recently, for business purposes, theCoalition has undergone some structural changes. theCoalition is in discussions regarding several business opportunities and needs to insure that the ownership rights of the original content creators are protected. To that end, theCoalition and FacilityJ have separated and theCoalition stories and videos have moved to a new site - http://www.theCoalitiontv.com - the old site will no longer be a representation of theCoalition universe.

FacilityJ is a great story. You guys know that I was one of the original participants/players and even speculated as to it's canonicity in the beginning. I'm still a fan of the story and it will continue to have a home here on the LG15 forums and you'll continue to see generic references to 'the Facility' in stories from theCoalition. No characters have been killed off or otherwise altered - everything else remains the same. I look forward to the development of the new FacilityJ homepage at http://www.facilityj.com and I will continue work hard to promote theCoalition and the opportunities for interactivity it brings.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM either Diane (chershaytoute) or myself. We will be happy to answer any questions you have privately so as not to disrupt any of the stories, games or puzzles.





  1. Since the original site, http://coalition.tv, just recently used "The Coalition" as a passkey to its title icon cipher, I would think they still want to represent 'The Coalition'. I can't reconcile that with this statement. Perhaps someone can explain.

    And, explain publicly. This is way too important to be done in PMs with uncertain information.

  2. . . . I'm still confused

  3. Is the person behind Facility J and/or www.thecoalition.tv planning to move that content in some revised form over to www.facilityj.com ?

    Will www.thecoalition.tv be defunct soon ? (or is it still unresolved) ?

    At present, there are still two websites using the name theCoalition, and as long as that is the case, there is going to be confusion.

    My (complete outsider suggestion without knowing who is involved) would be:
    1. owner of www.thecoalition.tv sell/give the domain to the folks who moved to www.thecoalitiontv.com
    2. move all Facility J related material to www.facilityj.com and run independently
    3. put all the (new) theCoalition web contents on one of the two sites, and simply set up the second one to redirect to the (new) one.
    4. If it can be done without troubling other business considerations, place a link from the (new) theCoalition site to www.facilityj.com so fans of that show can find the new website.

  4. I don't see how publicly telling everyone what is actually happening ruins any stories or puzzles. My only guess is that their are disputes within and no one wants to say what those disputes are for fear of losing viewers/fans/etc...

    The problem is, not telling us what is going on will result in losing even more people. Like me.

  5. I think what is going on has been publicly made clear by Trainer.

    "theCoalition is in discussions regarding several business opportunities and needs to insure that the ownership rights of the original content creators are protected. To that end, theCoalition and FacilityJ have separated"

    FacilityJ and theCoalition are now separate and they go their own way. What more do you want them to tell us?

  6. It is hard to see how the activity at the original coalition site is consistent with the public OOG announcement from the newer site. I think the best we can do is watch both and see what transpires. There was actually a notice on the older site soliciting participation in a trial so it definitely does not seem to be dead.

  7. anonymous, its clear as mud. The Original site still says its The Coalition. If the split was made for business reasons, they wouldn't be claiming the same name.

    I can't reconcile these actions. I am an accountant. If I can't reconcile things, my brain explodes. :)

  8. 2 + 3 = 4

    (watches virginian9000's brain from a safe distance)

  9. Perhaps the answer lies here:



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