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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daniel Was In Chat

-08:49:23- [Danielbeast]: hey anyone here?
-08:49:53- [Danielbeast]: hi chelsey
-08:49:59- [Danielbeast]: hi evergrn
-08:50:09- [Danielbeast]: i cd really use someone to talk to right now
-08:50:29- [Danielbeast]: the girls r asleep, we were up pretty late last night
-08:50:39- [Danielbeast]: trying to figure out what 2 do next
-08:50:53- [Danielbeast]: did u see my vid maddemp?
-08:51:10- [Danielbeast]: then u know what's goin on
-08:51:38- [Danielbeast]: we've gone thru a million ideas but we keep hitting a wall
-08:51:45- [Danielbeast]: no idea where they cd have taken jonas
-08:52:05- [Danielbeast]: any ideas?
-08:52:10- [Danielbeast]: i'm pretty stumped
-08:52:59- [Danielbeast]: no. the only one who knows where
-08:53:03- [Danielbeast]: she's not reachable either
-08:53:53- [Danielbeast]: we looked around for a bit but we didn't want to stay long
-08:54:03- [Danielbeast]: never know if the order is going to come back
-08:54:29- [Danielbeast]: i did find that journal jonas talked about
-08:54:44- [Danielbeast]: which time jo?
-08:55:00- [Danielbeast]: not sure
-08:55:19- [Danielbeast]: there's lots of places mentioned
-08:55:32- [Danielbeast]: yeah maybe
-08:55:35- [Danielbeast]: i don't know
-08:55:59- [Danielbeast]: or as you guys said, find lucy and she'll lead us to carruthers, right?
-08:56:35- [Danielbeast]: ya renegade, good advice
-08:57:15- [Danielbeast]: i guess they're after this thing jonas found
-08:57:18- [Danielbeast]: ?? not sure
-08:58:06- [Danielbeast]: i did jo and all we found was the journal
-08:59:33- [Danielbeast]: renegade, i didn't see anything on the floor
-08:59:47- [Danielbeast]: watched the footage a dozen times & i'm pretty sure he stuck in his mouth
-09:00:32- [Danielbeast]: eww
-09:02:32- [danielbeast]: wow my internet is tripping
-09:03:10- [danielbeast]: ya i'm in a shitty motel with even work internet access
-09:03:24- [danielbeast]: *worse
-09:04:19- [danielbeast]: did a pretty good search of the office & i don't think it's there
-09:04:23- [danielbeast]: just found the journal
-09:04:36- [danielbeast]: anyway we've been hiding out nearby, not sure what to do next
-09:05:06- [danielbeast]: k jo i'll look at the journal again
-09:05:36- [danielbeast]: & then find lucy i guess
-09:05:41- [danielbeast]: ?
-09:06:22- [danielbeast]: ok guys let me look thru the journal again. i scanned a few pgs. shd i post them?
-09:06:57- [danielbeast]: k i'll do that. when the girls wake up i'll let them know the plan - find lucy!
-09:07:23- [danielbeast]: will do jo
-09:07:28- [danielbeast]: :)
-09:07:45- [danielbeast]: alright let me post these pgs, later guys thnx!!

NOTE: This log was generated by a fan created automated IRC script.


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