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Saturday, July 26, 2008

"The Drop" cracked open?

With the recent return of legends such as LG422 and Twjaniak there has been a lot of interest in vintage video series such as Cassieiswatching. Last night on "comments" there was some discussion of one of the lesser known series from grigoriamongstus which began with a video called "The Drop". While the name of the video suggested an ARG trailhead, to our knowledge no drop was ever found.

Last night p.monkeygetsfunky and a few of the Lonelygirl15 comments regulars began to research the location of "The Drop" prompted by a series of myspace blog posts which began to appear one year after the last bog post. Among the posts appeared to be a reference to Revelation 7:11 but what really cracked things open was the discovery that the location is in Palm Springs, California. A simple google map search of the street sign then led to the following location.

View Larger Map

One of the myspace blog posts contained a picture of an identical location.

In addition there is a picture of what we assume is "the watcher" placing something under one of the rocks at the location. Could it still be there after all this time?


  1. I wish i knew.. I can't... I live in Virginia, but I hope someone in Cali can!


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