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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The end of lonelygirl15 and the future of HOOBS - Broken Kid

Broken Kid says:

Hey guys! Posting this here because I couldn't find another thread in the HOOBS structure about this.

I've had a few PMs cc'd me to the Creators about the future of HOOBS, and I wanted to let you know that I'm on your side. I, like you, don't know what the new site will look like yet, but I'm sure there will be some type of forum/discussion structure. And whether it's similar to what we use now or something closer to Bebo in nature, I'm sure there will be the opportunity to continue HOOBS in sync with the new LG15 show and any other shows they have planned in the Breeniverse. I will absolutely fight for a way to have it incorporated, because I know how much fun HOOBS is, and it's one of the really unique forms of interaction on the site.

I'll talk to the C's and make sure they know how important it is that HOOBS have a presence. You know that they appreciate HOOBS; after all, KateModern and lonelygirl15 have mentioned it a few times. And Emma is there now, right? But by all means, feel free to keep sending those messages! It's important they know how much HOOBS means to those who really enjoy it.

That all being said, we're not sure where the story will go with the end of lonelygirl15 and the new series soon to start. It might make sense to have this "season" or "term" of HOOBS wrap up to coincide with the end of lonelygirl15, which will give time for an offseason or vacation as folks get used to the new site and set up HOOBS there. And then, with a new show, it would be a great chance to start a new term and again find some new players!

Thanks everyone!


  1. I think the Cs need to open up this entire discussion. There are just too many fears/rumors going around for them not to address them directly. The are all about interactivity for goodness sake.

  2. There is room for discussion everywhere. You can comment on the post on InsideLG, you can respond to posts in the forum and here. The C's read everything and I'm sure when / if there is time between them working hard to get the finale to be as amazing as it can be and designing the new site and new series, they will respond as best as they can.

    We're ALL going to need to work together to get through this next transition in our community but I have faith that we'll do it with style and with grace. ;)

  3. Well we really need an official thread for the new web site design discussion in that case. The BK post is just about HOOBS. But I posted there in the mean time.

    Can someone create a thread for it or should we leave that up to the Cs?

  4. I'm sorry to sound dumb, but I don't know what HOOBS means. Is it an acronym, if so, what does it stand for?

  5. Hymn of One Boarding School.

    Don't dwell on it. I'm sure they're using HOOBS as an example, for ALL user generated content.

  6. This came up because some of the HOOBS players have been mobilizing to "save" the game. And Miles agreed that there will definitely be a place for it on the new site!

    As posted above, there are plans for a live chat where people can ask questions about what will be included (either right away or down the line), which I think is a great idea!


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