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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eye on Jenni Powell

Jenni is a long-time member of the online community. She approached Glenn Rubenstein in the fall of 2006 (before OpAphid became the official ARG of lonelygirl15) to ask if he needed any help production-wise. He saw her background in comedy and realized she may be a good fit to help produce an off-shoot of OpAphid that he had been writing called The Hamster Project. The story asked the question "What if a secret society hired a publicist to improve their image?"

Jenni shot episode one based off a script Glenn sent her, and he was impressed. They rewrote episodes one and two together, and Jenni produced, directed, and shot them. Before they had a chance to go further, however, Glenn was brought aboard LG15 to make OpAphid the official ARG, so the Hamster Project had to take a back-seat.

The two lost touch as Glenn became busy with LG15, and didn't get back in contact until around the time Marla showed up in Nacogdoches for the first time. Jenni jokingly sent him an e-mail saying that she didn't want Marla to have all of the in-game fun. However, she didn't expect a response.

Much to her surprise, Glenn responded and asked her to call him because he actually had her in mind for something he was working on. At that point, he asked her to start collaborating him on the Rachel vlogs as a co-writer. They started working together with the video Opportunity Crisis!

Jenni is involved in other LG-related projects as well, including writing, producing, directing, and acting in a popular lonelygirl15 spinoff called lonelyjew15 with Adam Daroff and PJ Scott-Blankenship. They release new episodes of LonelyJew every Wednesday, though they sometimes have "bonus episodes" during the week. She also hosts a radio show on BreeFM every Thursday from 7 - 9 PM PST, which, in turn, lead to her being the de facto official correspondent of BreeFM at the San Francisco Live Event.

Only a few days after that, Jenni also appeared in a cameo in Parts 2 and 3 of Season 2's finale "Bloodlines".

On March 14th, 2008, Inside LG15 announced that Jenni had been hired as a production assistant for lonelygirl15. Because of this, she is no longer working with Redearth88.

Jenni Powell on LGPedia.

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Note: Jenni Powell is now moving onto bigger and better things. Unfortunately this means that she will not be working on the new Lonelygirl15 spin-off show from Eqal. However, we hope that we will see many more episodes of the always awesome online web series LonelyJew15.


  1. Jenni's such a hard worker and she deserves only the best! Jenni Powell is made of win! :D

  2. Jenni Powell is made of win!


  3. Jenni's got a ton of talent! I can't wait to see what she does next. And if you haven't watched lonelyjew15, you should! Even if you don't follow all of it, it's really well done and a lot of fun!

  4. Also watch "My Grief Observed" from JennersRevenge in Creature Inc


    It is a really amazing video. Just watch

    DOOOOOO IT!!!!!!!

  5. Good Luck Jenni! We love ya!


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